Every day I look at my current code and go, “Damn, that’s some sweet shit!” But I also look at code I wrote a month ago and say, “What a freakin’ idiot I was to write that!” So in a month, the code I’m writing today will have been written by an idiot.

It looks like I am not the only one who feels that way.

It seems that at no matter which date if I look back to the code I wrote six months prior, I always wonder “what kind of crack was I smoking when I wrote that?” For the most part it’s not likely to end up on the daily wtf, but still, does this cycle ever end? Or at least get longer?

I suppose the optimistic way to look at it is that I am still learning pretty steadily, and not becoming stagnant. I’m also able to resist the temptation and go back and fiddle with what isn’t broke. I do kinda feel bad for anyone that has to maintain any of my older stuff (actually not really, suckers).

[Via Pragmatic Entropy]