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The great people at WebHost4Life moved my database and web server to new Windows 2003 servers. They put them in the same server block and I noticed a significant speed increase in the time it takes my blog to load. This explains why my site was down this morning.

Hopefully, this server has much less abusive tenants than my last one did.

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  1. Avatar for Don Demsak
    Don Demsak October 27th, 2005

    Did they at least let you know a head of time? They tend to just do it first, and then let you know about it later.

  2. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked October 27th, 2005

    Yeah. My site was down because another user was abusing the server (their words). So when I complained, they stopped the renegade process which brought my site back up. But they asked if I wanted to move to a newer server. I jumped at the chance.

  3. Avatar for jayson knight
    jayson knight October 27th, 2005

    Performance is noticeably snappier...there used to be a good 2-3 second pause, now it's basically instantaneous.