Sending JSON to an ASP.NET MVC Action Method Argument

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UPDATE: The JsonValueProviderFactory is now registered by default in ASP.NET MVC 3. So if you’re using ASP.NET MVC 3, you can ignore that part of this blog post.

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Using AntiXss As The Default Encoder For ASP.NET

This is the third in a three part series related to HTML encoding blocks, aka the <%: ... %> syntax.

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A New Closed Source Viral License

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The “copyleft” provisions of the GPL (GNU General Public License) require that any changes or additions to a GPL licensed work must itself be licensed under terms that adhere to the GPL.

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Querying the Future With Reactive Extensions

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UPDATE: After an email exchange with Eric Meijer, I learned that I was a bit imprecise in this treatment. Or, as the colloquial term goes, “wrong”. :) I’ve changed the title to reflect more accurately what Reactive extensions provide.

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Good Times and Vibes at Mix 10

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Last week I spent a few days in Las Vegas attending the Mix 10 conference. Mix is billed as …

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Ms-PL Source Release for System.Web.Mvc 2

Hot on the heels of the release of ASP.NET MVC 2 yesterday, I’m happy to announce that we are releasing the source code to ASP.NET MVC 2 under theMs-PL license, an OSI approved Open Source license.

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ASP.NET MVC 2 Released!

It’s that time of year again when the sakura (cherry blossoms) bloom and allergies kick into high gear. When the drive home is no longer shrouded in darkness and when the ASP.NET team releases Software!

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Austin Texas The Techie Town

If there’s one impression that Austin left on me, besides the one that Rudy’s “extra moist” barbecue left on my gut, is that it’s a developer friendly town.

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Manipulating Action Method Parameters

During the MVP summit, an attendee asked me for some help with a common scenario common among those building content management systems. He wanted his site to use human friendly URLs.

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ASP.NET MVC 2 Optional URL Parameters

If you have a model object with a property named Id, you may have run into an issue where your model state is invalid when binding to that model even though you don’t have an “Id” field in your form.

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Installing ASP.NET MVC 2 RC 2 on Visual Studio 2010 RC

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As many of you have probably heard, the release candidate for Visual Studio 2010 was recently released containing immense performance improvements and tons of bug fixes.

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Headed To Austin and Speaking at the .NET User's Group

UPDATE: We moved the date to February 24th.

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ASP.NET MVC 2 RC 2 Released

UPDATE: This blog post is out-of date. We released the RTM of ASP.NET MVC 2 in March 2010. Read about it here.

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Can You Really Measure Customer Satisfaction?

One question that came up recently during my mid-year review is how am I measuring customer satisfaction with the products that I work on? For example, how can I measurably demonstrate that customers are happy with the work we are doing on ASP.NET MVC and that my team is responding to customer feedback?

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Editable Routes

UPDATE: 2011/02/13: This code is now included in the RouteMagic NuGet package! To use this code, simply run Install-Package RouteMagic within the NuGet Package Manager Console.

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Editable Routes Using App_Code

UPDATE: THIS POST IS DEPRECATED!!! I’ve updated the original post for editable routes to work in medium trust and not require a full app domain reload like this approach does. I think that approach may supersede this approach until I learn otherwise. :)

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If You're Graduating Soon, Consider Working For The ASP.NET Team

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This is the second job posting in two days for positions on the ASP.NET team, how exciting! This one is a developer position for upcoming graduates.

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Join My Team And Help Us Produce Higher Quality Products

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The ASP.NET Team is still looking for that QA person out there who shares our passion for technology and improving the means by which software is made.

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Do Not Adjust Your Browser

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This blog is experiencing technical difficulties. Do not adjust your browser.

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Ambiguous Controller Names With Areas

Note: This describes the behavior of ASP.NET MVC 2 as of the release candidate. It’s possible things might change for the RTM.

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