The June issue (also in pdf) of the online PragPub magazine, published by the Pragmatic Bookshelf has two articles on ASP.NET MVC.

The first is called Agile Microsoft and is an introduction to ASP.NET MVC geared towards those who’ve never seen it. It’s nice seeing ASP.NET MVC featured in this magazine which in its own words tends to cater to a non-Microsoft crowd.

To some developers, Microsoft’s technologies are a given, the river they swim in. To others, not using Microsoft’s tools is the default. PragPub being an open source- and Agile-friendly kind of magazine, we tend to connect with the latter group.

So when we get an article titled “Agile Microsoft,” we are naturally intrigued. And we think you’ll also be intrigued by Jonathan McCracken’s introduction toASP.NET MVC, a framework that some have called “Rails for .NET.”

The second article is an interview with me entitled “Why ASP.NET MVC?” where I ramble on about how if wandering the halls of Microsoft doesn’t get you tossed out by security, it might land you a great job, as well as ASP.NET MVC, TDD, and Open Source Software.

Something I found interesting was that the person who interviewed me was Michael Swaine who co-wrote the book, Fire in the Valley, that the movie Pirates of Silicon Valley (no Jonny Depp in this one) was based on. The movie (and book) covers the rise of the computer industry and Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, among others.