I saw a recent Twitter thread discussing the arrogance of Steve Jobs. One person (ok, it was my buddy Rob) postulated that it was this very arrogance that led Apple to their successes.

I suppose it’s quite possible that it had a factor, but I tend to think Steve Job’s vision and drive were much bigger factors.

This idea is a reflection of a pervasive belief out there that arrogance is excusable, perhaps even acceptable and admirable in successful people and institutions. In contrast, I think we’d all agree that that arrogance is universally detestable in unsuccessful people.

But is arrogance necessary for success? I certainly don’t think so. I think there’s an alternative characteristic that can lead to just as much success.


Pele's Leap of Joy

My example here is the most successful national soccer team ever, Brazil. They’ve won the most world cups of any team and yet the one word you’d be hard pressed to find anyone using to describe them is “Arrogant.” (Yes, I know that many from Argentina would disagree, but this is the perception out there) ;)

Instead, the word often associated with them is “Joy.” When Brazil plays, their joy for the beautiful game is so infectious you can’t help but share in the joy when they win. Heck, even as you’re grumbling about your own team losing to them, it’s hard not to join in the Samba spirit (again, unless you’re from Argentina).

This is a team that has been incredibly successful over the years and arrogance was unnecessary.

I think there are probably many examples in the technology and business world we could point to where incredible success and visionary leadership came from a joy in the work they do rather than arrogance. Have any examples for me? Leave them in the comments.

The World Cup starts in 6 days! I’ll try not to make all my posts soccer themed if I can help it. :)