FLASH: I'm Steve, And I'm A Super Villain

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Via Mr. Adam Kinney is this hilarious flash video about what happens when the Apple Switch campaign is coopted by Linux users.

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Soccer Result: 2 - 2 tie.

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Soccer ball My team, Nothend United, tied the Westsiders 2 to 2. Our goalie was phenomenal in staving off their aggresive attack, but sadly the opponents scored twice by capitalizing on deflections of our defense that took our goalie out of position. I scored one off of a penalty kick. For the record, I didn’t dive. I never do.

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Microsoft Listens and Don Box Responds

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I have to hand it to Microsoft, they really do listen to their customers. And I don’t mean in that head nodding “I hear you but I don’t know what you’re saying” kind of way so common with people who really want you to think they’re listening, but have no time for you. I posted my question about device support on Don Box’s Wiki and here’s his response:

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Why Should I Care About The Wire Format In SOAP?

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SoapIn this post, Tim Ewald talks about using Doc/Literal/Bare for your web service. There are several benefits he ticks off, but one seems to be the aesthetic effect of cleaning up the format of the XML within your SOAP message. In SOAP, the XML sent back and forth is just the wire format. As a typical developer, why should you care what the wire format is? In general, you shouldn’t. If you have the tools to generate WSDL and generate a proxy off of a WSDL to call a web service, you’re all set.

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Web Browser Security In RSS Bandit

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Dare asks the question whether or not we should change the browser used by RSS Bandit. He was greeted by over 30 comments, mostly in favor of the switch. This is purely anecdotal, but I get the sense alot of people are upset by recent vulnerabilities in IE. I also get the sense that a lot of people feel that upstart browsers are toeing the line of innovation while IE has sat on its fat ass and done nothing lately.

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Tranforming Xml over Http to SOAP with a Soap Extension

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Soap In my last post I discussed a client who requires that we build a web service using a proprietary XML format (lets call it MyXML) so his mobile devices can interact with our platform.

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I'm such a Pusher... RSS Addiction

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First Kyle, then Micah. I’ve bugged him, cajoled him, annoyed him, till finally he caved and installed RSS Bandit. Took about five minutes before he became a full fledged addict. I have a feeling he’ll be up really late tonight. Next step is to get him set up with a .TEXT blog. I’m so eeeeevil.

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I'm Going On Vacation!

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VacationI’m taking all of next week off of work. Wohoo! Well actually, I’m only on vacation from my day job. Monday and Tuesday I’ll be working on some contracts I’ve got going on the side. Then on Wednesday, the little lady and I are heading out to Seattle to visit her best friend. Hopefully I’ll have some time to work on RSS Bandit too.

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Hollywood Bowl w/ The Crystal Method, Nortec Collective et all

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Entagling 5 photons

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Scientists will soon rip open the door to real Quantum computing. Will it be a peek into alternate universes? Or will it fizzle with a whimper?

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Philosophy Blogs

Via this article in Newsweek, I found an interesting blog geared towards the professional philosopher but open to others with an interest.

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The Monty Hall Problem and Monte Carlo simulations

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Four Inmates Flee Jail, Return With Beer

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Beer Run!

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Burning Man Photopedia

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I promised a friend I’d show him some pictures of the time we went to burning man in 2002. So of course, I figured might as well make a blog entry about it. For you geeks out there, the Playa (A nearly level area at the bottom of an undrained desert basin, sometimes temporarily covered with water) has a wi-fi network available. Every year, Black Rock City, a temporary city, is formed in the midst of the desert near Gerlach. This city is the host of the Burning Man festival. It’s about a thirteen hour drive from Los Angeles and the closest city is Reno, Nevada which is about 4 hours away.

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We Found Bobby Fischer!

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Bobby FischerWe can’t find Waldo, we can’t find Osama, but we found Bobby. Hooray!

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References Feature Request for VS.NET

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Omer’s post (Hey, everyone! It’s the “Omer Asks For A Feature” time again!) reminds me that I have a feature request as well regarding references in Visual Studio .NET. I’d like to be able to reference an exe assembly. The C-Sharp compiler supports it, but VS.NET strangely does not.

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Allowing Friends To Correct Typos

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I like this idea found on Boing Boing:

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56 Deceits in Fahrenheit 9/11

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Earlier I posted the factual backup from Michael Moore’s website concerning Fahrenheit 9/11.

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Google's Mysterious Billboard

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Google apparently is behind this mysterious billboard that presents a nice number theory problem. I love number theory!

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The Effects Of The Internet On American Community

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This stolen from Koba-san

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