Hollywood Bowl w/ The Crystal Method, Nortec Collective et all

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Entagling 5 photons

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Scientists will soon rip open the door to real Quantum computing. Will it be a peek into alternate universes? Or will it fizzle with a whimper?

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Philosophy Blogs

Via this article in Newsweek, I found an interesting blog geared towards the professional philosopher but open to others with an interest.

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The Monty Hall Problem and Monte Carlo simulations

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Four Inmates Flee Jail, Return With Beer

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Beer Run!

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Burning Man Photopedia

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I promised a friend I’d show him some pictures of the time we went to burning man in 2002. So of course, I figured might as well make a blog entry about it. For you geeks out there, the Playa (A nearly level area at the bottom of an undrained desert basin, sometimes temporarily covered with water) has a wi-fi network available. Every year, Black Rock City, a temporary city, is formed in the midst of the desert near Gerlach. This city is the host of the Burning Man festival. It’s about a thirteen hour drive from Los Angeles and the closest city is Reno, Nevada which is about 4 hours away.

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We Found Bobby Fischer!

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Bobby FischerWe can’t find Waldo, we can’t find Osama, but we found Bobby. Hooray!

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References Feature Request for VS.NET

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Omer’s post (Hey, everyone! It’s the “Omer Asks For A Feature” time again!) reminds me that I have a feature request as well regarding references in Visual Studio .NET. I’d like to be able to reference an exe assembly. The C-Sharp compiler supports it, but VS.NET strangely does not.

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Allowing Friends To Correct Typos

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I like this idea found on Boing Boing:

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56 Deceits in Fahrenheit 9/11

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Earlier I posted the factual backup from Michael Moore’s website concerning Fahrenheit 9/11.

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Google's Mysterious Billboard

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Google apparently is behind this mysterious billboard that presents a nice number theory problem. I love number theory!

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The Effects Of The Internet On American Community

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This stolen from Koba-san

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Out Of Town Guests

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Michael from London and Dave from New York dropped in unexpectedly this week at the same time. We had a fun time driving around nearly all of L.A. yesterday.

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HILARIOUS!: TechTV catastrophe

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You’ve got to see this video.

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Herd Of Elephants

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The production move went smoothly, but who sent the herd of rampaging elephants over to stomp on my head last night. Strangely enough, nary a hair on my wife’s lovely head was touched.

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Blogging While Buzzed

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I’m going to buck tradition and start a new craze just because I mean to. Let’s call it, blogging while buzzed. Perhaps it will be the next meme, fad whatever, but this won’t be the happy byproduct or unintended consequence of an event, but the sole purpose of this blog posting.

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A More Palatable Fahrenheit 9/11, Just the Facts...

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This may be a more palatable way to understand Fahrenheit 9/11 for many who are not fans of Michael Moore. His website has a list of the facts he presents in the movie along with the source.

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The Rush Of Basketball

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Kurtis Blow once rapped

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Pot gives you unstoppable night vision powers?

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Which is perfect for finding that bag of chips in the dark. Found this gem on Boing Boing about a recent scientific study that indicates puffing a joint can improve night vision. Of course this won’t help you with the “beer goggle” effect.

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Jeff Richter's First Blog Entry Ever

Applied .NET Framework ProgrammingThe blog you’ve all been waiting for, Jeff Richter is keeping a blog. Well actually, it’s a Wintellog!. Several members of the Wintellect team have formed a group blog. It seems Jeff Prosise is holding down the fort as the most prolific blogger of the bunch.

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