I’m no professional musician, but I thought the acoustics at the Hollywood bowl was fantastic. They’ve been touting the improved sound with the new shell and improvements. The sound was sharp and clear.

The opening act played an Eastern influenced set with guitar, bongos, and even some Drum & Bass mixed in there. They were accompanied by Indian dancers on one side and break-dancers on the other. East meets west. I don’t believe for a second that the break dancers are from this world. I think they are former Gumby rejects in the way they contorted and flipped. Of course, I’ve seen just as impressive dancers on 3rd Street Promenade.

Sidestepper soothed us with “In Beats We Trust”, a very reggae-ish funky tune. Nortec Collective picked up the intensity a notch with some thumping music. The Crystal Method then brought it home with a nice selection of a few new tracks and several classics, ending with “Busy Child.”