UPDATE: I cannot help you move to Alaska. This post was written in 2004. If you want to move to Alaska, please don’t contact me. Try looking for information at the official Alaska homepage. Thanks!

Alaska’s Flag As a relocated Alaskan, I read Rory’s post about moving Canada to the right a bit so that Alaska could join the “lower 48” with amusement. I don’t think that idea would go over too well with Alaskans, as we…er…they take great pride in their independence, not only in spirit, but in location. Not only that, it could affect the fishing season, and you don’t mess with the fishing season in Alaska, the biggest state in the Union. That’s right Texas, the stars at night are even bigger and brighter in Alaska. Get over it, we rule you.

Alaska Map However, Alaska is not paradise on Earth (except in the summer when the sun stays out quite late drinking and carousing). Did you know they pay residents to live there? It’s a little thing called the “Permanent Fund Dividend”. The Permanent Fund is a huge investment of oil revenues in a variety of stocks and bonds. Around October of every year, the interest earned from the fund pays each resident anywhere between 1 to 2 grand a year, depending on how well the market does. Just in time for some good Christmas shopping.

Not only that, there’s no sales tax and no income tax in Alaska. Yeah. Starting to sound like a good place to live, no? Well, before you rush off to go panning for gold, keep in mind that winter lasts around 8 to 9 months of the year, so I hope you like winter sports.