Alaska. We'll Pay You To Live Here.

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UPDATE: I cannot help you move to Alaska. This post was written in 2004. If you want to move to Alaska, please don’t contact me. Try looking for information at the official Alaska homepage. Thanks!

Alaska’s Flag As a relocated Alaskan, I read Rory’s post about moving Canada to the right a bit so that Alaska could join the “lower 48” with amusement. I don’t think that idea would go over too well with Alaskans, as we…er…they take great pride in their independence, not only in spirit, but in location. Not only that, it could affect the fishing season, and you don’t mess with the fishing season in Alaska, the biggest state in the Union. That’s right Texas, the stars at night are even bigger and brighter in Alaska. Get over it, we rule you.

Alaska Map However, Alaska is not paradise on Earth (except in the summer when the sun stays out quite late drinking and carousing). Did you know they pay residents to live there? It’s a little thing called the “Permanent Fund Dividend”. The Permanent Fund is a huge investment of oil revenues in a variety of stocks and bonds. Around October of every year, the interest earned from the fund pays each resident anywhere between 1 to 2 grand a year, depending on how well the market does. Just in time for some good Christmas shopping.

Not only that, there’s no sales tax and no income tax in Alaska. Yeah. Starting to sound like a good place to live, no? Well, before you rush off to go panning for gold, keep in mind that winter lasts around 8 to 9 months of the year, so I hope you like winter sports.

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  1. Avatar for Bryan
    Bryan August 10th, 2004

    If i were planning to move to Alaska, I would be paid money?

  2. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked August 10th, 2004

    well you have to live there two years first to establish residency. But once you're a resident, every resident in your family gets around $1000 a year (depends on the market and has been up to $2000.)

  3. Avatar for angelfetishpants
    angelfetishpants August 15th, 2004

    that is crazy im moving to alaska to get married and i didnt even know about this... that is crazy!!!!

  4. Avatar for Lisa persico
    Lisa persico September 19th, 2004

    I love to get some infor about your paying me to move there,,39 Office manger at and Ad and Promotional company in Fort lauderdale, Florida 954-822-3598 let talk

    Need a change in my life and i think this could be it7

  5. Avatar for Robin Jenkins
    Robin Jenkins December 27th, 2004

    I still don't understand why a person is paid to live a state? Is the state so bad that the goverment or state of Alaska must pay the people to stay their? I guess being from WV it boggles my mind why a person is paid to live in any state.

  6. Avatar for robert
    robert December 28th, 2004

    i want to move to alaska???????????????????

  7. Avatar for nick
    nick February 8th, 2005

    k so you get paid to live there and you can smoke pot even if you dont have cancer but you can only have 4 ounces in your posesion why doesnt everyone move out there if it that great????

  8. Avatar for robert
    robert February 8th, 2005

    so will you give me weed ever day???

  9. Avatar for nick
    nick February 8th, 2005

    how do i go about moving there????

  10. Avatar for nick
    nick February 8th, 2005

    do you have to buy the weed do they just give it to you and i dont have to be sick to smoke it

  11. Avatar for SHAIYLON
    SHAIYLON February 27th, 2005





    CHEROKEE NC,28719

  12. Avatar for maura lou
    maura lou March 9th, 2005

    i'm a senior in high school and i heard about the benefits you can receive from moving to alaska and i was convinced. i've been researching apartments and jobs available in anchorage but am scared that even with all my research i still wont find a job or a place to live in. not only that, i've dragged two of my friends in my adventure. i currently live in california which would be a big change. everything would be different for me. but im ready for something new. i was wondering if you could send me information on how to get started. i'm planninng to move as soon as i get enough money. however much that is. the only problem is i am currently not employed. i know this sounds dour but i m motivated to move there. i just need some extra help and information.

  13. Avatar for haacked
    haacked March 9th, 2005

    Try checking out the State of Alaska website. I don't live there any more so I can't really offer any help.

  14. Avatar for Todd
    Todd March 12th, 2005

    Yep, the PFD (Permanent Fund Dividend) started out as about $300 a year some 20 years ago and now is hovering around the $1000 mark per person; it has gotten as high has $2000.

    If you're from the Pac Northwest, like Washington or Oregon, you'll find Juneau's climate to be quite similar. Anchorage, the largest city of about 300,000 people, is in the tolerable South Central region. It does get cold there, but note that 1) It's not a humid cold, 2) It typically gets colder in the Great Lakes area of the Lower 48 due to the wind chill factor. Fairbanks, smack dab in the middle of Alaska, is tougher to live in - it has extreme cold in the winter and extreme heat and mosqitos in the summer.

    Other good and smaller towns to check out for living: Homer, Valdez, Bethel, Soldonta, Haines.

    As mentioned above, no sales tax, no state income tax. Cost of living is similar to larger cities on the West Coast. Jobs are there, but will only really start to increase a lot if ANWR happens. Alaska is for people that love the outdoors. Start by looking at the newspaper there, the Anchorage Daily News

    Oh, and about that comment on Texas being bigger? I've got one thing to say to you Texans: Stop your whining or we'll cut Alaska in half and make you the third largest state.

    Todd, from the world famous

    The Alaskan toilet song - > "Here I sit, cheeks a flexin', giving birth to another Texan."

  15. Avatar for funminiyi
    funminiyi April 1st, 2005


  16. Avatar for Kristen
    Kristen April 10th, 2005

    This is the greatest thing I've seen all week. I had heard about the PFD, but I thought it was only for Alaskan Natives. I have been wanting to live up there for years but I too am concerned about finding a job and a place to live, as I'm not really interested in living in Juneau or Anchorage, but more like Fairbanks or ideally, somewhere even smaller in the Interior. I'm down for crazy weather, I live in the Colorado high country, which we like to think is somewhat comparable, although I'm sure it's nothing like AK. Does anyone have any experience on the just packing up and moving scenario? I would more than likely be in the crappy job market, so is it best to come to Anchorage first and then save up before you move further in, or are there opportunities in Fairbanks? I don't want to blow all my money on rent in the city if I could put it to better use in a smaller town, which is my goal. I would even live in a cabin with no plumbing or heating, as I live in a wood-heated cabin now and I have lived in houses with no water in the past.

    I don't know anyone up there, so I would be taking a big leap, just me and my dog, and it's pretty scary, but in a good way.

  17. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked April 10th, 2005

    With the summer coming, you might consider looking at a summer job at a cannery or on a fishing boat. They're very hard work, but you can make a decent amount over the summer.

  18. Avatar for lisielove
    lisielove April 19th, 2005

    I am just dumbfounded. NO they don't pay to LIVE in Alaska. Yes they pay you. Someone needs to get educated here. You don't get paid to just live in Alaska. First of all, you have to be a resident here. Change your voting and everything over. You have to plan on staying here. You receive money because in Alaska the oil belongs to the people. So in October of every year, everyone gets a check, infants to elderly. Here is the thing, whoever the idiot is thats saying, HEY everyone come to Alaska...thats money out of your pocket babe. The more people that move here, the less money YOU get. It is split between all residents. So yeah..recruit people to take your money. Thats real bright. By the way, it gets like -30 in December and it is daylight about 2 hours. It is now April and it snowed 2 days ago. We have earthquakes every day, only the big ones are felt. You should check all that out too...oh yeah, and whats worse is, there's no target, no burger King, no Kmart, no Super walmart, no Jack In the Box, no Olive Garden, Marie Calendars, Mi Mi's Cafe, Romono's Macaroni Grill...No Sonic. Still wanna come? =) Oh and you can drive across the largest city here in about 15 minutes, in traffic.

  19. Avatar for Kella
    Kella April 19th, 2005

    hello i live in alaska and its not very fun its the middle of april and its snowing but yes i do get money! hah! losers

  20. Avatar for Jay
    Jay April 21st, 2005

    I'd like to welcome them all, where else do you find bears strolling through your neighborhood. Bring em on, maybe one of em will buy my house for 1/4 million; for that is what the average cost of a house for a family of 3 is today in Anchorage. They'll need that $1000 given each year to offset the cost of housing and gas. Yes we pay more for gas than you in the lower 48. Sounds crazy uh, but true.

  21. Avatar for Todd
    Todd April 21st, 2005

    lisielove, sounds like you don't have a clue as to what you're talking about. Are you one of those Cheechakos that just read up on Alaska and now think you're an expert on the oil economy, traffic patterns and retail businesses?

    - Yes, you get paid to live in AK.

    - No, it's not true that the more people are in AK the less money you get. The money disbursed is completely based on return on investments from the oil money, with a portion taken out for reserves. If there are 1 million people in AK and returns are great, every one would see even more money.

    - No, you're wrong on the traffic. Anchorage takes 30 minutes to get across in traffic at 5pm, from Dimond to the Glenn Highway.

    - Super Walmart is being put in off of Lake Otis. The regular Walmart on Northern Lights is one of the highest grossing Walmarts in the U.S.

    - It will almost never be 30 below in Anchorage. That's more like Fairbanks and above. Anchorage gets 6 hours of sunlight a day in January only - and that is the lowest.

    - There are not earthquakes every day in AK. That is a myth. But there are earthquakes every day all around the world, Ms. Geologist.

    - Jack in the Box is off the Old Seward and the Minnesota Highway.

    Anyone BESIDES LISIELOVE is welcome to come to Alaska.

  22. Avatar for J. Breene
    J. Breene April 22nd, 2005


    My friend moved outside last fall and now she wants to move back to Alaska. She is in Virginia right now and is trying to figure out the least expensive way to get back to Anchorage. Does anybody out there have any ideas? Your thoughts would be appreciated.

    Moving her furniture and car and stuff like that.


    respond to

  23. Avatar for Bowman
    Bowman April 22nd, 2005

    I am hoping to move to Alaska some day some. I would like to more about the real-estate, the economy. You could help in this area. I can be reached at

    Thank you for your time in this mater.

  24. Avatar for Kelly Clark
    Kelly Clark April 24th, 2005

    I want to move to Alaska i am a Student from southern Idaho, im 4 classes away from my AA and want to go to the university in Alaska, i have met a wonderful man up there. I want to move, would love to be an accountant up there for the pipeline or something. I would even sign a contract about how long i would stay, forever i hope!!

    what are the incentives i am a single mom. I am interested in knowing about tuition, employment? VERY EXCITED about ALASKA please Help!!!

    Kelly Clark

    208-731-2775---m-f 12pm-9pm mountain time

    thanks in advance

  25. Avatar for Chrissy
    Chrissy April 24th, 2005

    I just read all of the above comments. First off, as like anyplace in the world there are pros and cons to this state.

    It does infact take AT the very LEAST 30mins to get from Dimond to Glenn (I drive all day long) and Anchorage doesn't stop at Dimond either, nor is the Glenn Highway where it starts. So lets say you live as far back into Mt.View, and needed to get to D'Armoun? Try 30mins even if you took the highway all the way down.

    And why would driving time being only 30mins across the state's biggest city a con anyway? When I went to Toronto and Chicago, even Detroit, I found myself getting very impatient with the traffic.

    We do however have earthquakes everyday, almost every hour. But they are too small to feel, but it is normal activity for anyplace that is located on a fault line... such as Washington, Oregon, and California as well.

    We get a dividend, and I'm no expert on the oil industry, but yes the funds are because "the people" of Alaska technically own it. I do know that over the past few years our dividends have gotten smaller do to flux in the market, but more residence shouldn't effect this number. And the dividend can really help out, especially larger families that are providing for 5 or more children. Dividends for you're children if you choose not to file for them, will be up for them to get ALL at once when they turn 18 (sounds like a good savings idea for when they want to move out of the house)

    I do think the smallest amount of sun Anchorage gets is 6 hours. But the summer is so great that it almost offsets any cons from the winter, It's sunny, beautiful, and the sun sometimes doesn't set until 1:00am the next morning, to only rise again at 4:00am the same day.

    It would be safe to say though, that Alaska is best suited for those who love the outdoors.

    No wo don't pay sales tax, (even if we go to specific states in the US we can show our Alaska state ID and not have to pay the sales tax while visiting either)

    The biggest con in MY opinion, would be this time of year "break up season" It's a rollercoaster ride with mother nature, and sometimes it seems as though summer will never come. but it will, as it always has, and it will be gorgeous, as always. I can't wait!

  26. Avatar for Jackie
    Jackie April 28th, 2005

    How do you go about getting moving expences to live in Alaska. I am very intrested in moving thier in the near future. Do you have a Wal-mart that I can transfer. I am very serious about the move in about 3 months please let me know this information very soon. My e-mail address is

  27. Avatar for brenda
    brenda April 30th, 2005

    I was just wondering, being born in alaska in 1949 is there any funds set aside for native people?

  28. Avatar for lisielove
    lisielove May 10th, 2005

    Well, Todd, Yes I am a Cheekako, just as you are. I have lived here for years, and I have NEVER seen the Jack in The Box on Northern Lights and Minnesota!! Been to that intersection plenty of times. Hmmm. Maybe you should go to this website and do a search on Jack in the Box, see what you find. And I live on the Airforce base on the very outskirts of Anchorage and drive to Diamond and Arctic which is the southern Outskirt of Anchorage in 15 mintues!! In Rush hour!! From Elmendorfs Boniface gate, to Norhtern lights, to Seward, to Diamond to Arctic. The only two roads that are so congested it may take longer would be Tudor road and Glenn highway if you are stupid enough to get on them, or of course, unless you have no other choice. So, I don't know how you drive. Yes, there is a Walmart on Benson, I often spend every other Friday there shopping until Midnight. It is the only place here open that late and I welcome a super Walmart, but doubt we will see it anytime soon!! Ther is also one on Diamond, one in Eagle River, one in wasilla and one in Fairbanks (just opened last year) I have been to all of them. Yes, we do get the return on the oil profits...but let me ask you this. Just as an example to simplify...if that money amounts to $5.00 total and there are 5 people to distribute it to, then each person gets $1.00 right? So if one more person comes, and there are 6 people and $5.00 your saying each of those six people will still get $1.00? Hmmm..funny how that works huh. That is why we all have to apply before they can tell us how much we will each get. If it was as simple as you say, then why would they not be able to give us our divend amount until after they have calculated the number of people eligable to receive it. And yes there are earthquakes every day in Alaska, we just don't feel them all. As a matter of fact, we had 24 today, May 10th!! They are just so deep that most of the time we don't feel them. We have felt 3 so far this year. Try out This official website. . No myths there. I don't know what Alaska your living in!! How long did you live here, or do you still? Because I am just a little lost on where your finding your facts. If your going to be informing people on alaska, you should give them correct information. Don't you think? And if your going to try to prove some one wrong, you really should do some research yourself.

    Have a wonderful Day Todd and thanks for the wonderful info n the non existent Jack In The Box, sure wish that was true!!

  29. Avatar for lisielove
    lisielove May 10th, 2005

    OH YEAH..I forgot..if you go to the official Alaska PFD site where you apply and all that. Go to the Frequently Asked questions. It will tell you this. Header: Frequently Asked Questions

    State of Alaska> Departments > Revenue > PFD Division > FAQ's

    Amount and Payment of Dividends

    How much is the Permanent Fund Dividend?

    The amount of the dividend is BASED ON THE NUMBER OF ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS and the Permanent

    Fund earnings available for distribution. It is calculated by the Division based on a statutory

    formula and announced by the Commissioner of Revenue by October 1 of the dividend year.

    The dividend amount is scheduled to be announced during the last week of September of

    the dividend year. iF YOU NEED THAT LINK, I WILL BE HAPPY TO OBLIGE.

  30. Avatar for Homiebrah
    Homiebrah May 10th, 2005

    Looks like someone got owned by my wife. Way to go sweetie!

  31. Avatar for Larry
    Larry May 11th, 2005

    Holy cow! I don't even live in Alaska but I can do simple math! Lisielove is exactly right about the PFD. About everything else, I have no idea. I live in Sarasota, Fl and am coming to Anchorage for vacation. I have news for the knuckleheads that want to live in Alaska so they can collect their dividends. If a lousy $1000 a year is a deciding factor in your move, you'll starve to death! My cousin was in the Air Foce there for 3 years and said the cost of living is higher than Sarasota. I'm pretty sure if you can't make it in the lower U.S., you won't make it there! That being said, I think I would love to live there,I just don't know if a native Florida boy could survive the first winter.

  32. Avatar for Homiebrah
    Homiebrah May 11th, 2005

    And here is the misleading statement of all: "Alaska. We'll pay you to live here."

    Taken literally, it would be another welfare state program. Room and board. Paid. Auto and insurance. Paid. Entertainment. Paid.

    However, those of us that live here, know better. Alaska doesn't pay you to live here. You get approximately $1000 per state resident. This does not cover even 1% of what a person would spend to live here.

    So, using common sense, if you want the $1,000, be prepared to spend to get it.

    Oh, and for the record, we've had 20 earthquakes today.

  33. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked May 11th, 2005

    The title was meant to be tongue in cheek. You know, humor?

  34. Avatar for JO
    JO May 12th, 2005


  35. Avatar for Todd
    Todd May 15th, 2005


    Listen, you still don't have a clue what you're talking about. You're just a Cheechako - by calling me a Cheechako, it's clear you don't even know what it means. Were you born in AK?

    If you drive from the Base to Dimond in 15 minutes, you know you are actually breaking the law because you are driving 70 MPH through stop lights? Are you killing pedestrians along the way?

    Earthquakes every day? You know, it rains every single day in Arizona? It's just in the external atmosphere, so they don't feel it on the ground. What the hell kind of statement is that - we have earthquakes every day but we just don't feel them??? More importantly, if you don't feel them, who cares? Do you know that is 600 degrees every day in Alaska too? It's just that it's at the ozone layer, so we don't feel it.

    I think you need to go do some basic economics course. You mean uncle George Bushy isn't paying for this for you during your military service? The oil revenue is invested in a variety of invesments, mutual funds and others. If these go up, the over all money available is more, regardless of the number of applicants. Then it is divided by those that apply. If it was $1,000,000,000 last year with 500,000 applicants, you will still get more money if it is $2,000,000,000 this year with 600,000 applicants. Your sad-ass math tells me you may not even know how to do basic addition and multiplication. I'm afraid if I started talking about Internal Rate of Return you'd choke to death.

    Lesi-love, please shut the hell up. You're not welcome in Alaska anymore. Go somewhere else.

  36. Avatar for virgil a cole
    virgil a cole May 15th, 2005

    do you realley get paid to live there and what do you do there to live what jobs are there to do

  37. Avatar for L I S I E L O V E
    L I S I E L O V E May 15th, 2005

    First of all Todd, you can't even spell my name. Second of all, A Cheechako is A newcomer to Alaska, what in the west would have been call a "greenhorn." However, the natives here consider all of us "outsiders" Cheechako's. Did you check out those links hun? You should. The facts are in them in plain English. The Earthquakes are so far down in the earth that we don't feel them, but there is a chance for us to get a bad a earthquake that is felt on the surface. It has happened. But, thats not really what this is about is it? It's about you not wanting to be proven wrong. I didn't mean to piss you off so badly. Would it make you feel better if I just told you that your right even if your not? I didn't realize it would send you into a frenzy. Not my intentions for sure. The whole rain thing in AZ..that was interesting. I am sorry I am not welcome in Alaska. This is the first I have heard of that! =) And for who ever said this was suppose to be humor, I don't see humor in misleading people. You get money living here, but it in no way shape or form even begins to put a dent in what you spend to live here. People believe this stuff, and they want to cash in. Truth be, Alaska is WONDERFUL. I plan to be here for the rest of my life. It is breathtaking and Awe inspiring. But it is expensive, far away from home, expensive to travel, expensive to live, and winter is harsh. If you can live with all that, and don't expect the PFD to be some GREAT thing and that your gonna be raking in the cash just because you get paid to live here...then come on. The mountains are beautiful, the towns are few and far between and the wildlife is abundant. But it isn't for pansies. Telling people that they get paid to live here....I do not find humor in. If anyone wants real information on Alaska, I would be very happy to provide you with the information you want.

  38. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked May 15th, 2005

    So Lisielove, Alaska's good enough for you, but not for others? Come on now.

    Have you no sense of humor?

    Let me spell it out for you in simple terms. The jab I was taking is that Alaska is so harsh, they have to pay you to live there. This, my dear, is a joke.

    Certainly, Alaska is a hardy place, and not a place for the weak willed (although I'd mention that Anchorage is quite mild compared to the interior, or even northern Minnesota).

    However, like you, I believe it is a beautiful and wonderful place to live, should you be inclined to a cold climate. And if you're moving to Alaska solely for the Permanent Fund, you're making a big mistake. There are many other reasons to love Alaska. The Permanent fund does not make up for the cost of living. So again, it was a tongue in cheek reference. You know, most Alaskans I know have quite a good sense of humor and are able to poke fun at themselves and at Alaska. you ever notice the t-shirts that say the Alaskan State Bird is the Mosquito? This sort of humor obviously has not rubbed off on you.

    If you read the original post, you'll note that I cautioned people against flocking here...

    "Starting to sound like a good place to live, no? Well, before you rush off to go panning for gold, keep in mind that winter lasts around 8 to 9 months of the year, so I hope you like winter sports."

    Also, I'd mention that despite the high cost of living, in some ways, Alaska is still cheaper than California. We have an over 8% sales tax and a 1000 sq ft condo (no yard) will cost you around $400,000. Think about what kind of place you could live in Anchorage for that amount.

  39. Avatar for L I S I E L O V E
    L I S I E L O V E May 18th, 2005

    Yes, I did understand your jab. And I do have a sense of humor, but when you talk of money...most people skip passed everything else. I don't think that 1/2 of the people get the joke. All they see is that Alaska pays you to live here. And can certainly compare the climate here to somewhere like Minnesota or even Colorado. And most people can live with that to get a little money! It is exciting and adventurous. AND they pay you...what deal...even if there is cold weather. What you don't mention is the depression that a lot of people suffer because of the darkness and the cabin fever they get when it is too cold and too dark to go out. But whats even worse than being so far away from everyone on the outside. It is like living on a remote island. One road in, and one road out. These people are looking for easy money and adventure. They may find the adventure..but no easy money. Anyway...I am sorry that I just didn't find the humor and I had to voice my opinion. I am also sorry that Todd had to get so upset over that. It has been interesting to say the least. By the way...we just had an earthquake about 2 minutes chair was moving in circles. Thats a pretty weird feeling. =)

  40. Avatar for Gena
    Gena May 19th, 2005

    Thank you Haacked. Things were starting to get get a bit heated there. I appreciate your page here. To your readers...Yes, Alaska is a harsh yet beautiful and mystical place to live, it is not for everyone. If you like all those chain stores, they are not here, but still available online. I have not been here long enough to have receiceved my PFD yet and although I do look foward to it, really look foward to it, I would live here PFD or not. I live in the Interior (near Fairbanks), it got down to -40 for a week this winter. Schools are not even cancelled until it hits -60!! The high last summer was around 100! I do not have the words to tell you all what an amazing and bewildering place this is.

  41. Avatar for Gena
    Gena May 19th, 2005

    Oh, I forgot to thank L I S I E L O V E for the earthquake site, it has proven to be a bit fun for the children (who buy the way, are told in school that there is an earthquake everyday). I have never felt one...I grew up with earthquakes anyway.

  42. Avatar for Todd
    Todd May 19th, 2005

    i wonder why lesi-love | cheechako | military-flunky | mathematics-failure | deadly-driver | google-searcher | invisible-earthquake-shaker | walmart-shopper | jack-in-the-box-eater | alaska-hater | calling-people-"hun" | misinformed-spiteful-cow got so angry, vengeful and nasty. i was just trying to be nice.

  43. Avatar for Cristine
    Cristine May 21st, 2005

    I'm feeling the love, people. I really am. They say you either love Alaska, or hate it. Money or not, if you hate it, no amount of money is worth it. And, the dividend fund wouldn't do it for me if I hated it. Aside from all the talk of earthquakes, eating greasy chicken from a box, Walmart or no Walmart... There were a few here who wanted to know the best way to find employment and move. Can't we all just get along and welcome them to the "family" that is Alaska? I would like to know myself! I was born in Anchorage. My parents took me "outside" on vacation when I was young, and never returned to AK. Now, I'm planning on moving back within the next 2 years. Cruising the net to find information or contacts is TRULY a pain in the hiney. I'm not concerned with living near a Walmart... don't care if I ever see one again! I just want to live in a safe neighborhood. Forget about the PFD, I just want to find a darn JOB there so that I won't end up on the streets after I move. I don't CARE how cold it is or if it's the same temperature as the Great Lakes area... It could be just as warm as it is here in Virginia, and I still wouldn't want to live on the streets! It's clear that there are people on this site who are from Anchorage and I'd appreciate hearing from ANY of you. I'm not choosing sides in any arguement, cause you know what... it's all about me! I want to move, I need info, I want connections and friends there BEFORE I move. So, if your computers haven't been knocked out from all the felt or unfelt earth tremors, please email me at After I've gotten my first PFD check, I'll split it between all of those who helped me get there!

  44. Avatar for lARRY
    lARRY May 25th, 2005

    I accidentally stumbled across this little rant while I was researching Alaska for my honeymoon. We just got back from a week staying in Anchorage and flying, boating, and 4-wheeling around the area. Alaska is an incredible place! I was born and raised on the gulf beaches in Sarasota, Fl and I'll be honest, this is the first time I've returned home and Florida just seems boring and ugly! Of course, come January I may have a different take!

    We were pleasantly surprised at how friendly and definitely not-backward everyone was. I guess we didn't meet Todd the math wiz. Your comparison of 500,000 people splitting 1,000,000,000 to 600,000 splitting 2,000,000,000 is, for lack of a better word, idiotic. You have to compare apples to apples. 500,000 people splitting 1,000,000 compared to 600,000 splitting 1,000,000 is the correct comparison. Get out your sticky little calculator.

    So even if the market skyrockets but more people live there, you may get a bigger check but it's less than it would have been with less people sharing it.

    If you are going to be stupid, be quiet.

    If you are going to be arrogant, be right.

    Being arrogant AND stupid is rediculous.

    As awesome as Alaska is, $1000 would not even pay for the coats, boots, hats, gloves, and flashlights I would need for the first winter. For me, it remains the absolute best place to VISIT. :)

  45. Avatar for Todd
    Todd May 25th, 2005

    Florida Larry, go back to your swamps, no one wants you in Alaska. We actually hate you and your family and wish you were dead.

    I guess you have never earned money in your life via an investment, so you don't have a clue what ROI, IRR and NPV mean. Yeah, I knew you would go look those up. Let me put it this way Lar, if you made $10,000 last year (which you probably did) and $10,000 this year, you have actually made 3% less this year? Why, because of the annual 3% inflation in the US. You would have had to have made $10,300 to have made the same amount as last year. But according to you and your Florida Ph.D. in Economics, you'd be "comparing apples to apples" and "would've made the same amount".

    What a Florida swamp hick! Do they teach you how to wipe your ass down there or does that require too much brain power?

    I would call you "rediculous", but that is not a word in the English language so I guess it wouldn't mean much. Maybe it means somthing in the gibberish language of Florida.

  46. Avatar for Larry
    Larry May 25th, 2005

    What the hell does inflation have to do with dividing up the dividends? If the principal is a certain amount, it earns a certain amount of interest, then you divide up a portion of that interest between the people who are eligible, then the more people eligible to recieve money, the less they each get.

    Sure, I make ten grand a year and still find extra money to travel the world, genius.

    You hate not only me, but my family too? I haven't any words.

    I didn't know that I was talking to the guy who is personally responsible for deciding who gets to live in Alaska and who has to eek out a miserable existence in the swamp. Are you sure you're not confusing Florida with Louisiana? I see you're having trouble in math, maybe geography doesn't come so easily for you either.

    I won't resort to insulting an entire state because on one knucklehead. I'm sure regular Alaskans are embarrassed of your kind anyway.

    Yes, I did spell ridiculous wrong, I take my lashing in silence.

    We only speak gibberish when we sell underwater real estate to each other, throws the northerners off.

  47. Avatar for Todd
    Todd May 26th, 2005

    Wow, what a fantastic retort Larry Lar! I'm really feeling so embarrassed by the magical power of your pen. The sheer expression in your prose is as good (or "gooder" in Florida gibberish) as any Oprah book-of-the-month club best seller. I beg you, stop the assault of your powerful words on my weak and delicate frame! For you a truly a Shakespearian god and your words weighty on the soul.

    Dumb ass.

    You still prove that you can't think beyond fourth grade math. You and Lesi-love should have lunch together behind the big tree at school, kiss and learn your times table. You don't even understand inflation, let alone Internal Rate of Return. You probably have $10,000 (a WHOLE YEAR'S SALARY!) in credit card debt and your kids eat Mac 'n Cheese for din din while your family cheers in unison "this is good cheap eatin'!".

    I invested $20.00 and made 100%, bringing it up to $40.00. I take $10.00 and give half to you and half to your ugly wife; you both now have $5.00 each. Now I take the $30.00 remaining and reinvest that. Next year, your disgusting baby is born. I've made 100% again, but this time on $30.00, bringing the total to $60.00. I decide, because your baby looks like a garbage can, to give each person only $3.00 this year. So I have $51.00 remaining, which I invest again. The year after, I got an 80% return, which brings it to $91.80. Your drunk one-legged uncle moved next door, so now I've got to support his sorry ass. I decide to give each of you $10.00 in the hopes that your in-bred family won't bother me again. I now have $51.80 left. Which I reinvest and the next year make 175% return on.

    I now take the half the investment proceeds, buy a bazooka and blow you and your family to hell because you are so stupid and can't do basic math. I take another 25% of the investment proceeds and buy dirt to fill in your mucky Everglades so we can all pretend that Florida is not 87% swamp land. I then take the remaining 25% to reprint schoolbooks for dumb Florida school children that state that Florida was never swamp land and they should point all reference to swamps to Louisiana.

  48. Avatar for Todd
    Todd May 26th, 2005

    See what you did Larry? You turned this otherwise friendly and informative thread into a forum for hate-mongers.

  49. Avatar for Larry
    Larry May 26th, 2005

    I won't get into an argument over how much money either of us makes, because online everybody is nine feet tall, bad ass, and rich. Whatever.

    I have made out pretty damn good on my investments. I don't pretend to be a wall street fund manager, but math is not that mysterious. No matter what the rate of return, inflation, how much you blow or reinvest, whatever amount you choose to disburse is divided among the recipients. If you divide it between 2 people they get more than if you divided it among 3.

    Now if you decide to give each person a set amount no matter what percentage of your earnings that turns out to be, that's a different story. Problem is, eventually, if enough people recieve that set amount you give away all your profits and get into the principal. Unless of course you get 100%-175% per year like you.

    Nice that you impress yourself in your high school economics class.

    You're obviously either a pimply faced teenager or a joke of an adult.

    Sarasota is a long way from the everglades. You do know your little globe is not actual size, right?

    I'll never get so rich I stop eating mac-n-cheese.

    I'm not a hate monger, I'm having fun. I am starting to get bored with this pointless thread, though.

    I don't even like Shakespeare. or Oprah or Hillary Clinton while I'm at it

  50. Avatar for Todd
    Todd May 26th, 2005

    Hi Larry, you are really dumb. You should slit your throat. For some reason, you think that investment principle will forever stay the same. Oil taxes continue to build the principle every year. You really have no idea what you're talking about. What a dork.

    Now that you're bored, please go away. You are not a worthy opponent. You can't write English properly and you bore me.

    I think you must be 14 years old and just having fun between surfing porn on your mom's computer. Any sensible adult would know when to shut up - you obviously don't.

    BTW, are the "everglades" close to the "Everglades"?

  51. Avatar for Larry
    Larry May 26th, 2005

    I know the principle will grow, but that's not what's in question. I was keeping the example simple. No matter what the principle, interest, inflation, cost of coffee beans, whatever, if you have a certain amount to divide up (no matter how big or small that year) the more people you divide it up between, the less they'll each get.

    I wouldn't trust your financial advice, so I'll probably pass on the throat-slitting advice.

    Since you are obviously a big player in the financial market, why are you in Alaska? Why not make some real money in New York?

    Thank you for noticing I didn't capitalize my e. That was really bothering me.

    I must try harder in the future to aviod spelling, grammar, and typing errors at any cost.

    Gotta admit, man, that throat-slitting idea grows on ya after awhile.

    Nah, got too much work to do. Maybe later.

  52. Avatar for Larry
    Larry May 27th, 2005

    Hey! I just realized how smart todd is (accidental or intentional lower case? You decide)!

    Today, I found $20 blowing down the street. I picked it up and decided to split it with my friend (who is imaginary). Now we each have $10 (or a ripped 20 dollar bill, anyway). But then I remembered Todd's lesson to me and took back the $10 (now I have 20 again) and decided to call 8 more friends. Now there are 10 of us to split the $20 with. They thought we would each get $2, but thanks to Todd's help we each still got $10! Thanks Todd! You're the greatest financial advisor ever! <big hug>

    Now, if I were to slit their throats (thanks again, Todd!) and steal the money back, I'll have $100! Only Todd can teach that kind of return on investment!

    I am unclear on one thing, though. If any of them are ugly or drunk and one-legged, will that affect how much money we each get? Oh yeah! Of course not! I forgot about inflation and internal rate of return! Silly me.

    The macaroni is on me tonight, baby!

    Oh goody! I'm not bored anymore! I owe you so much!

    Todd, I love you. <wiping the tears>

  53. Avatar for Todd
    Todd May 27th, 2005

    Hahahahahahah. That was so good. The irony. The humor. The joke upon joke. Wow, this Larry guy sure knows his business - and a business of funny stuff it is!

    Lar, you have now fulfilled the purpose of your existence, the reason you were born. You no longer need to pretend. You no longer need to feel the way you do. You may now proceed to slit your wrists and end the pain for all of us.

    The double-posting was a great idea too. Finish your thoughts, write them down, post them and the repeat. Lar, were you reading blog commenting instructions off of a shampoo bottle? What a silly boy you are.

    Nice try. Not at all original, nothing as exciting as a bag of wet hair...but nice try.

    You do need some help:

    "Since you are obviously a big player in the financial market, why are you in Alaska? Why not make some real money in New York?"

    - New York is an overpriced speculative market where people get poor. I invest in Hong Kong, the greatest real estate market in the world. Then again, you don't have any idea about financial markets because money blows up your ass from a gust of wind.

    "Thank you for noticing I didn't capitalize my e. That was really bothering me."

    - Your English teacher should have repeatedly slapped you in the face.

    "I must try harder in the future to aviod spelling, grammar, and typing errors at any cost."

    - It's not "grammar" you moron, it's syntax. Your English teacher should have repeatedly slapped you in the face.

    "Gotta admit, man, that throat-slitting idea grows on ya after awhile."

    - "Gotta" and "ya" are not English. What are you Larry, Al-Qaida?

  54. Avatar for Ken Woods
    Ken Woods May 27th, 2005

    This entire thread is interesting, as it simply re-affirms the stereotype of the typical Anchorage resident.

    Please don't leave Anchorage.

    Fairbanks is better off without the two of you.

  55. Avatar for Larry
    Larry May 27th, 2005

    Todd, you never had to make a fool of yourself. You should simply go to the official web site of the Alaska PFD, go to the FAQ section and read for yourself from them how they determine what each person gets.

    Gotta go,(oops, damn southerners!) the mac-n-cheese is in the microwave!

  56. Avatar for Sativa
    Sativa May 31st, 2005

    You people are morons. They don't "pay you" to live here. The PFD is a result of the massive money the state makes for using up our natural resources. It's like a kick down. The amount you get each year depends on many factors. Last year it was LESS THAN a grand, and is consistantly getting smaller. By the time you qualify after living here for 2 YEARS, the amounnt might be closer to 500 bucks, That's not even enough to pay a month's rent in most places. This is not a reason to move up here! The cost of living is much higher than most places in the Lower 48. Many types of jobs and career opportunities are simply not available here. DO NOT simply pack up and move here and expect everything to work out. PLAN, SAVE, and make sure you have some sort of employment lined up. The summer is very short and I have seen many misguided folks starving in the cold because they were not financially prepared for the Alaskan Lifestyle. We do not need anymore beggers and vagrants on the streets of downtown Anchorage.

  57. Avatar for Michael
    Michael May 31st, 2005

    The details are at this site:

    It's real! And it looks easy to collect, once you have been in AK for the requisite amount of time.

    Any loser that wants to move somewhere to smoke dope should just move to Europe. You are wasting space here!

  58. Avatar for Michael
    Michael May 31st, 2005

    Sativa has some good points! You should not move ANYWHERE expecting a haven. (Except the pot-heads... MOVE TO AMSTERDAM)

    Use common sense! Do research.

  59. Avatar for Mara
    Mara June 3rd, 2005

    I've lived in Alaska for over 30 years and the only two who make any sense in this discussion are Larry (who is welcome up here any time) and Sativa. Both give sage advice and it would behoove anyone interested in moving up here to take their advice seriously or else you could become something much worse than a cheechako, which is a sourdough; SOURED ON ALASKA AND NOT ENOUGH DOUGH TO LEAVE. Our entire population, including Native Alaskans, is a little over 600,000 and there's a reason for that.

    Incidentally, our marijuana laws aren't nearly as liberal you think.

  60. Avatar for ruthie
    ruthie June 4th, 2005

    jezum crow, i just wanted to look for Cpt Jeff Weeks of the Billikin. I was going to offer him a warm bath, a cold beer and a promise to make him breakfast, if he can last through the night! haha( I'm 5'11, 110lbs, 23 years old, blonde and blue wait............I'm 58 years old, 5'2, 208 lbs, black hair/ grey eyes, 32-40-38.....)

    "He" is the only reason I would move there for sure! Reading up on todd/lesilove reminded me of the time i spent baby sitting my two year old nieces!!!! Oh well, everyones got issues, aye? As long as they are busy c/ the puters, i guess the streets/innocent children/bars/virgins and the rain forest will do just fine!

    oh look at me, now i've started to rant & rave. God bless the first ammendment indeed!! Pardon me while I cool off, the sheer power of stating my thoughts almost went to my head. ( somebody hose me down, please)

    soooo correct my spelling if you must dear, make fun of my cute little accent, should that make you feel better, but if anyone sees cpt weeks around, tell him i said hello!

    p.s. those vital stats above? jeff dear, i'm somewhere in between. kinda like Goldilocks...JUST RIGHT!!!! take care poopie!..............ruthie

  61. Avatar for paul
    paul June 5th, 2005


    the state(in alaska (esp. fairbanks) we take that to be us, as in you and me, the folk, the citizens that is not the queen, the govenor or the government owns the "state" and its goodies...thus the "states" cut of the oil revenues(prudhoe bay was one of the first land selections make by the state from the u.s. government- a very smart geologist, that and the fact there has always been oil sepages on the "pristine" tundra) belongs, in a very direct way to me as an alaska...more or less thats the deal...and a grand in fairbanks only covers a good part of the years heating while its nice indeed(and oil revenue lets us not pay income taxes) it ain't really all that much...for me the joy or attraction to, in me case interior, alaska is the lack of negative stuff...hard to name any single thing but the lack of negatives that so much of the lower 48 is burdened with...more or less freedom i guess...people(and the government) let you be, which is a very nice thing...

  62. Avatar for alaska girl
    alaska girl June 7th, 2005

    does everyone realize that the PFD is a once per year payout?

  63. Avatar for ruthie
    ruthie June 9th, 2005

    hey, captain weeks....ever been to pensacola in the 1980's?

    Does the name Steak & Egg mean anything to you? ruthie

  64. Avatar for Sarah13
    Sarah13 June 14th, 2005

    What are some good websites to research moving to Anchorage. I have also looked into moving to Girdwood, Wasilla, and Eagle River. Does anyone have information on that as well.

    Thank you,


  65. Avatar for goober-pea
    goober-pea April 25th, 2006

    Isn't the cost of living higher in AK as compared to the lower 48? I wonder how the cost of living in AK would compare to the cost of living in HI.

  66. Avatar for kukidough
    kukidough April 26th, 2006

    Alaska is beautiful...paid or not paid.

  67. Avatar for lynn
    lynn June 17th, 2006

    i have always like the sounds of living in alaska, but never knew how to go about it. And with the job market the way it is, well that makes it kinda scarey to even think about leaving my job of 9 years for something i know nothing about.

  68. Avatar for TJ
    TJ June 27th, 2006

    >...oh yeah, and whats worse is, there's no target,> no burger King, no Kmart, no Super walmart, no Jack In the >Box, no Olive Garden, Marie Calendars, Mi Mi's Cafe, >Romono's Macaroni Grill...No Sonic. Still wanna come? =)
    Actually, that sounds really awesome

  69. Avatar for jeremiah
    jeremiah June 28th, 2006

    jeremiah suarez i am very interested in living in alaska give me a call

  70. Avatar for Tammy
    Tammy August 8th, 2006

    Wow. I am truly stunned. There always has to be one moron that ruins it for the rest of us, and unfortunately, Alaska is the same as all the other states in that matter. This Todd person sounds like one of the stereo-typical macho guys, who probably drinks way too much each night and knocks his wife around.
    One thing I think any person should take into consideration when contemplating a move to Alaska, the crime rate here is pretty damn high. We also have some of the highest numbers of child abuse, both physically and sexually. And until very recently very little was done to punish those offenders. The residents of Alaska have sat silently by while children have suffered. I'm relieved that I am finally seeing somewhat of a change here.
    Yes, the cost of living here is pretty high, but there are many states that are actually higher than we are. The no taxes thing is pretty nice, unless of course you plan to purchase a house. Then you pay out the rear! That's how our city repays most of it's bonds.
    If you are a voter, you might be a bit disappointed in the voter turn-out, especially if you are like me and feel that too many people have lost sight in the fact that it is an honor to be able to vote in this country. Also, if you are a Democrat, you might feel a little lonely, as this a largely Republican state.
    The dividend is nice, when you have either a large family or are single. It's definitely not something to rely upon however, especially if you go late on a student loan or some other major bill, because they can take you to court and garnish up to 80% of the PFD. Unless you live in a studio apartment, or efficiency as we call them up here, one PFD might pay one months rent. Or you can do like most people and spend it on Christmas shopping or that one major purchase that you've been looking forward to all year.
    Sadly, Todd was wrong, the amount IS determined by how many eligible applicants there are any given year. So the more people that get approved for it, the less money there is to share amongst the people. And Alaska is seeing a boom in population.
    The scenery is absolutely amazing, having lived here my entire life (so I'm definitely no Cheechako!) I have never grown tired of just looking around. The moose that run through the city streets, the bears that run through the neighborhoods, the foxes that I see sprinting through parking lots, it never grows old. I especially look forward to the bird migrations we see each spring and fall. There is never a shortage on things to do here, no matter what the season! In spring, or break-up, as we call it, I really enjoy the slush-cup events each year. The Iditarod is amazing, but unfortunately they have decided to end the Fur Rendevous, our wonderful "winter carnival" that has been a long standing winter tradition for a very long time!
    Alaska has it's pros and cons, just like any other state in the U.S. Let me dispell a few rumors for you new comers though:
    1) You do NOT need a passport to come to Alaska.
    2) We do NOT have our own currency here.
    3) No one lives in an igloo.
    4) We do NOT use dog-sleds to get around!
    5) We do not have snow year-round. That's just silly!
    6) We actually DO have a pretty advanced school system, that I know first hand is actually a few grades ahead of at least a couple of states in the Lower 48.
    Oh and one other thing, something that should be required to tell ALL visitors to Alaska, be nice to the Natives. This was their land until we took it. I'm not native myself, but I have several really good friends, and some of my "adopted" family here is native, and the treatmenat I see that they get is horrible sometimes!
    Now that I've said my share, I pass the torch on!

  71. Avatar for Mark
    Mark August 11th, 2006

    message to Tammy(message left:8/9/06 3:40 a.m. I'm looking for someone to correspond with who really knows alaska.Since you say you've lived there all your life,you seemed like a logical choice.I'm a 55 yr old man from Indiana who is investigating the possibility of relocating there. This is not a come on.I am sincere. If you don't wish to corresspond.maybe you know someone who would/could help me.I'd appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks.

  72. Avatar for Mike and Michelle
    Mike and Michelle September 3rd, 2006

    Please Help!!
    Dose anybody know where to find info on getting help to move to Alaska. We don't want to live off anybody for free, but just some funding to help us relocate and getting a place to live. You see my husband and I have no money right now, being both unemployed (we were both laid off) and living with a Mother-in-law, two dogs and a cat in a small one bedroom condo in Orange County, California for the last 10 months - it's very stressfull. Jobs out here are very competitive and so it makes it hard to get employed and live here since the average one bedroom apartment is $1,500 + and the average home is around $675,000 for an ok small 3 bedroom. All we want is some help to get to AK and a place to live and settle in. After that we will do the rest by getting employment and offering the best we can to give back to the community. We don't need the best area, all we want right now is to get out there and settle in.
    Thank You for your help and consideration.
    Mike, Michelle and our Boxer dog- Malina.

  73. Avatar for Adele Sullivan
    Adele Sullivan September 11th, 2006

    I've been trying to find information on emigrating to Alaska (from the UK)- I'm obviously blind as a bat or I'm just looking in the wrong places.
    If anyone can point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it.
    Adele Sullivan

  74. Avatar for Quinten
    Quinten September 18th, 2006

    I came across this little thread and had to throw my 2 cents in. Mr.Todd, whoever you are, you have no clue about anything it seems. There's many things I'd love to point out that are completely wrong, but I don't want to waste my time.
    Alaska is a wonderful place to live. I personally live in Anchorage and its only winter about half the year, and the winters aren't THAT bad. Very comparable to Minnesota/Wisconson winters. And we do have Walmarts, Burger Kings, and most every other big brand that is in the rest of the country.
    No, we don't get paid just to live here. We get a dividend for our share of the PFD investment, just like a shareholder in a corporation would.
    Yes, its legal to POSSESS pot in Alaska, up to 4 ounces in your own home. They have tried several times to create laws to change this, but each time it has been declared unconsitutional. It is still illegal under federal law, but rarely prosecuted. Sale or distribution of any amount is also illegal.
    All in all, Alaska is a great place to live, IF you're someone who likes the lifestyle Alaska has to offer. Harsh winters, beautiful summers, and all the salmon and mooseburgers you can eat! If your only reason for moving here is for the PFD, then you are making a BIG mistake.
    All that for 2 cents. What a deal. :P

  75. Avatar for KujoAK
    KujoAK September 22nd, 2006

    I have lived in Alaska for 29 years of my life I'm 36, was born in Sitka, little town where fishing and lumber were the only industry, I come from 3rd generation Alaska's that Moved here from Nebraska during the Great depression in the 20's, when I was a kid in the 70's my mother used to recieve state checks for every child she had, wasn't much $100 but that was a decent sum in the 70's, the government has always tried to offset some of the extra expenses of living in The Land of the Midnight Sun,
    As far as the oil goes, I always understood it as we (Alaskans) don't own the oil but we own the Land it comes from and the State and various Native Corps have leased it to the Oil companys and that is where we all get the Money to invest in the stock market which in turn creates revunue for the State, the native corporations and the PFD fund.
    As far as the Weed goes, its expensive, barely legal but well tolerated and of some of the finest varieties in the world.
    As far as moving here goes, if you're a good person, have some morals, hard working, like snow, like fish, please move up here,
    If however you are small minded, bigoted, or just plain nasty then please stay away, we have enough people who have come up here already who are like that.

  76. Avatar for KujoAK
    KujoAK September 22nd, 2006

    BTW I've actually lived in Fairbanks for the Last 19 years and have only left state for one week to Seattle. :) stuck on an icecube....
    By the way the natives don't call us cheechako's they call us Tunuk's a much more insulting term for a white man...

  77. Avatar for Lotus
    Lotus October 1st, 2006

    I have lived here my whole entire life (20 years). I don't know family was never into snowmachining or hunting or fishing or anything "Alaskan" really. I am just now starting to do these things. Anyway, I always wanted to get the hell out of here as soon as possible, I couldn't WAIT to turn 18 and drive south and never look back. But something changed. One day I looked around and saw -for the first time- how truly beautiful everything around me was and I knew that it was home for me. When you leave they always say "You'll be back" and I think for the most part that is true. The winter is tough, and it lasts MOST of the year. It is dark and cold, all the time. We have a very high percentage of drug addicts and alcoholics (I believe that has a lot to do with the winters, and the effect that a lack of sunlight has on a person's brain) I hope to travel and maybe live other places in my life, but I know that this will always be my home. K. Just had to get that out.
    Love, Lotus

  78. Avatar for ALEX
    ALEX October 2nd, 2006

    Wow..people in Alaska are really argueing about stuff like this? haha. plus, this IS just a web-site, quit being little wemps. Haha, yall crack me up

  79. Avatar for Magemarine
    Magemarine December 30th, 2012

    I just want to know how these folks on the Alaskan Frontier show on the Discovery Channel are making a living? I mean they have tractors, trucks, boats, houses, machinery for milling wood, buying fuel, clothes and etc. Where do they get the funds to do all of this?  You will only see these people collecting food and such for the long winters to survive. Where does there income come from to pay for all of there things?

  80. Avatar for Curtiscandiano
    Curtiscandiano February 18th, 2013

    I'm on disability how does that work?

  81. Avatar for missy
    missy March 1st, 2013

    if i wanted to move to alaska from canada, with not a dime to my name, how would i do that?

  82. Avatar for claudia
    claudia April 27th, 2013

    i`m portuguese and i wanted to move to alasca from portugal,with my daugter and husband i would i do that?

  83. Avatar for Eileen Small
    Eileen Small May 28th, 2013

    I live in Alaska for now but am from Texas. I can't wait to move home. What amazes me is that anyone settled here a million years ago in the first place.

  84. Avatar for Dr
    Dr August 5th, 2013

    i frm SIberia, Im ready to real bad conditions so what i hve to do? i really want to live there!

  85. Avatar for lladika
    lladika September 16th, 2013

    how can I live or migrate to alaska?
    p.s I am frome kosovo

  86. Avatar for Pravin
    Pravin September 8th, 2015

    Hello I am pravin from India .I think to live in alaksa .so please help me to how to shift from India .and how I get pay from Alaska . my emali id is .help me .my age is 27 .