What a day! Kayaking in Lake Union

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There ought to be a law that requires employers to give their charges the day off due to great weather. Back in Alaska, we’d have the day off when it dropped to -60 F with snow up to your nostrils. They call it a “snow day”. Well there ought to be a “good weather day”.

Not that I needed it, I’m on vacation fool! No, I ask for this for all you suckers trudging to work while I was kayaking away on Lake Union in Seattle. We paddled our way through a channel to Lake Washington and had fun limboing underneath the freeway. Yes, underneath. There’s a portion of the freeway directly over the lake, and portions of it are only three feet above the water. My wife and I nearly scraped our noses trying to glide underneath laying on our backs against the kayak.

Earlier today we cashed in my REI dividend buying my wife some nice sandals. Seattle has the nicest REI store I’ve ever seen, complete with a huge climbing wall. It made me nostalgic for the wilderness of Alaska. I had the sudden urge to climb mountains, wrestle bears and sleep in caves. Then again, L.A. has its own version of wilderness that’s pretty wild too.

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  1. Avatar for Thomas Wagner
    Thomas Wagner July 31st, 2004

    Don't rub it in! Some of us have to work and put up with LA traffic!

    Looks like yourhaving a ball.

  2. Avatar for W
    W August 3rd, 2004

    The boat cannel from lake union took you into the mouth of lake Washington, an area called Union Bay (that is where you were under the freeway). Accross union bay from where you were is the house my wife and I will be living in in about a month and a half or so. A few paddles away from that freeway underpass is the bird sanctuary. If you made it that far you would have seen a blue herron and even a couple swans.

    For those of you concerned with LA Traffic, Seattle is just as bad, just not on the lake!


  3. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked August 3rd, 2004

    We paddled up to your house and TP'd it.

  4. Avatar for Jay
    Jay July 13th, 2007

    Where did you get the kayak from? Is there a place nearby that rents them? Are there tandem kayaks? Thanks for the info! Sounds like fun.

  5. Avatar for Jazz
    Jazz August 12th, 2008

    We recently rented from the Paddle Club at the Aqua Verda Cafe. We had a nice time on the water but the service at the Paddle Club was terrible. the people were rude, and the owner Ray Lopez was the worst. I would not recommend renting from the Paddle Club, we have plans to go again but we will not rent from them ever again.