SQL TIP: Connection To SQL via Windows Authentication over VPN

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I’m posting this great tip so I can find it later and for your benefit.

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Rating Plug-In for RSS Bandit

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NOTE: This plug-in is no longer available or supported

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Hi My Name Is Phil And I'm A Blogaholic

I think it’s about time to found a group devoted to helping blogging addicts deal with a new and pervasive addiction. This occurred to me the other day when my wife needed help putting away the dishes and I mumbled something about “Only 86 more entries to go in Scoble’s link blog.”

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The One Note Metaphor for the Tablet PC May Be Too Good

Today was my first day bringing the Tablet PC to work and I immediately put it to good use. I think that the paper pad metaphor that One Note uses may be implemented too well.

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Dave Winer for President?

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Dave claims that inhaling puts him out of the running for President.

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This Is Patently Out Of Control!

From the Wintellect blog.

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Organizing VS.NET projects and Solutions

Colin asks the question “How do you organize your code?” and then goes on to describe the system in use at his shop.

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Meta Programming Paradigm

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The geeks are abuzz about Sergey Dmitriev’s article on Language oriented progamming and the Meta Programming system. It’s a worthwhile read and may be a harbringer of the future of software development.

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"You have summoned an elemental" The good ol' days of gaming...

C64It was really just a side question of this post on Rory’s blog having nothing to do with the main topic (some blather about Jury duty bla bla bla). For 50 bonus points, the question was what game featured the quote “You have summoned an elemental”?

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ASP.NET Function of the Day: SessionId is "Too Legit to Quit".

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So I was poking around the source code for how ASP.NET initiates session state etc… and noticed this method of the SessionId class. You gotta love the naming of this one. Steve McConnell (via Code Complete) would probably have recommended something like “IsValid” but he has no imagination nor flair.

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Quiz Answer: Watch out for the Eeeevil Thread.Abort.

Yesterday I posted a little quiz with an example of an HttpHandler implemented as an ASHX file.

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Church Sign Generator

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My buddy Dan sent this site to me. You can generate your own church signs.

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QUIZ - What's Wrong With This Code?

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This is a simplified version of a sneaky bug I ran into today (I’m fine thank you, but the bug is dead). The only prize I can offer is a GMail account if you want one.

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Now that GMail has POP3

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I’ve resisted it, but I think I may change my primary email adress from Yahoo! to Gmail. You can probably guess what my Gmail email is…

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ATI Radeon Control Center uses .NET

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ATI Radeon I’m currently updating my device driver for my ATI Radeon 9700 at work (I now have a new 17” LCD monitor that supports portrait mode) and noticed that to install the CATALYST Control Center, .NET 1.1 is required. See for yourself.

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Recently my company (which was a division of Company X) was purchased by Company Y. Company Y is based outside of the country and we are a fully owned subsidiary and make up their U.S. presence.

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View of the Sunset from my Office

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Long Computer Use May Be Linked to Eye Disease (Reuters)

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Sobering news for the “short-sighted” computer geeks among us.

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MLS Cup 2004

MLS I watched DC United take on Kansas City today for the MLS Cup 2004. The great thing about soccer in the U.S. is that I can get tickets for the national championshipship the day before for a decent price. Unfortunately that’s also the problem with U.S. soccer. The quality of play is nowhere near a Premiership game or Bundesliga.

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How 'Dungeons' changed the world

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AD&D I’ll come out of the closet and admit that I used to play this game with an almost fanatic interest. My first exposure to the game was in Spain when several other military brats in my apartment complex introduced me to a twenty sided die (1d20). By the time I moved to Guam, I was hooked. I started a group there with an unlikely band of friends: a Hawaiian volleyball player, half-thai skateboarder dude, heavy metal rocker, etc… and we were destroyers of worlds.

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