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Not to just join the chorus, but I am blown away by Google Suggest. It’s a simple idea, but well executed - it guesses what you are searching for as you type it and presents the options as a list. If you’ve used the auto-complete feature in IE, you’ll get the picture.

\ Suuure… This is what you were *really* searching for.

So in the above screenshot, I’ve typed in “good clean f” and Google has presented it’s best guess in the text box as well as other options below.

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  1. Avatar for Elliott Back
    Elliott Back December 10th, 2004

    The bad thing about Google Suggest is that it seems to filter dirty words. Even worse--it doesn't filter racial slurs. Consistency is important....

  2. Avatar for Keith
    Keith October 23rd, 2006

    As you offer yourself a a software geek I was hoping you could help me.
    Sorry if this is in the wrong place but i'm new to blogging
    I want to create a Google gadget something simple just a picture with some liks to a site I know.
    I have read the google babble on the site regarding this and I find I need an XML editor.
    Can I get one free somewhere reliable. I tried MicroSoft and while the edit was free they tied it in with somet5hing else that I did not know that they charge for.
    Any help appreciated

  3. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked October 23rd, 2006

    Try XMLSpy from Altova. I believe they have a free personal edition of their XML editor.