I arrived in Toronto today and am staying at a very nice hotel. It’s called the SoHo Metropolitan and it sure beats the Super 8 I stayed in at Tech Ed 2004 (next door to Adam Kinney and Eric Porter). It’s too bad I’m only here one night as I was hoping to have time to check out the well equipped gym.

The reason I’m here is to get acquainted with the tech staff of our new parent company. I’ll be coordinating a lot of development with these guys. They primarily work with Java and we primarily work with .NET. However, XML is the glue that will help us all get along and sing Cumbaya around the campfire with group hugs and all that.

They’re in the process of exposing their platform as SOAP and I’ll be reviewing the architecture with my equivalent here. I’m looking forward to this as it will be an opportunity to really get some real world cross-platform experience.

In the meanwhile, my wife tells me the house is very quiet without me. I suppose because I am quite noisy. In any case, while she was walking Twiggy some guy in a car attempted to hit on her. Their conversation went something like this.

He asks, “Are you Thai?” “What?” she replies. “What ethnicity are you?” “WHY!?” she yells.

She’s quite the spunky one.