Recently I received some kind words from Scott Reynolds regarding my “excellent tutorial” on writing IBlogExtensions for RSS Bandit. Using my tutorial, he wrote a plug-in to send items in RSS Bandit to One Note. (There’s another plug-in that does the same thing here).

The same day I noticed this post on Channel9 in which a user wishes that using the “Blog This” plug-in that comes with RSS Bandit wouldn’t paste the entire text of the entry into w.bloggar. Instead, this user would prefer just the link to the entry.

Well, inspired by the kind words, I figured I could do this in a few minutes. So I built a new version of the IBlogExtension plugin that comes with RSS Bandit. This plug-in is configurable to allow posting the full text, the link only, or some generic text with the link. The generic text is something along the lines of

{Author} wrote this interesting post entitled “{entry title}” on {title of blog}.

The {entry title} is a link to the actual post while the {title of blog} is a link to the main blog. If some of this information is not available in the feed, the text is even more generic.

You can grab the plug-in dll here. Just copy it to the plugins directory within the RSS Bandit installation directory. For me, that’s in “c:\Program Files\RssBandit\plugins”. You might want to back up the old plug-in before overwriting it with this new one.

The Visual Studio.NET 2003 C# project file is also available here.

The plug-in makes use of embedded XSLT files for each type of post. In the future, it would be quite easy to allow user defined XSLT files that are not embedded. Please let me know if you find this useful. I’ll see if Dare and Torsten would like to include this in future releases of RSS Bandit. If you make improvements, please send them to me so I may update my files.

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