Unit tests that require the STA Thread

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If you’ve ever written a unit test that instantiates a WPF control, you might have run into one of the following errors:

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Avoid async void methods

Repeat after me, “Avoid async void!” (Now say that ten times fast!) Ha ha ha. You sound funny.

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Classic Manhattan

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For most of my life, I was a man without a drink.

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I love to communicate through the written word because it offers me a chance to really consider what I say, and then rewrite it, and then rewrite it again. And in the end, I still don’t communicate as clearly and eloquently as I would like.

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The Case Against Pay for Performance

If you run a company, stop increasing pay based on performance reviews. No, I’m not taking advantage of all that newly legal weed in my state (Washington). I know this challenges a belief as old as business itself. It challenges something that seems so totally obvious that you’re still not convinced I’m not smoking something. But hear me out.

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ReactiveUI Design Guidelines

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GitHub for Windows (often abbreviated to GHfW) is a client WPF application written in C#. I think it’s beautiful.

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Settings for your Visual Studio Extension

Recently I wrote what many consider to be the most important Visual Studio Extension ever shipped - Encourage for Visual Studio. It was my humble attempt to make a small corner of the world brighter with little encouragements as folks work in Visual Studio. You can get it via the Visual Studio Extension Manager.

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GitHub Flow Like a Pro with these 13 Git Aliases

BONUS! I’ve added a useful 14th Git Alias: git migrate and now a 15th useful alias to open the repository in the browser

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GitHub Saved My Marriage

GitHub is a great tool for developers to work together on software. Though its primary focus is software, a lot of people find it useful for non-software projects. For example, a co-worker of mine has a repository where he tracks a pet project:

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Your Editor should Encourage You

I love to code as much as the next developer. I even professed my love in a keynote once. And judging by the fact that you’re reading this blog, I bet you love to code too.

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Download Emojis With Octokit.NET

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I love emojis. Recently, I had the fun task to add emoji auto completion to the latest GitHub for Windows release, among other contributions.

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GitHub for Windows 2.0

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Today we released GitHub for Windows 2.0 after a long development cycle. You can read some details about the release on the GitHub blog.

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The Siren Song of Backwards Compatibility

This post is sort of a continuation of my post on Microsoft’s New Running Shoes.

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Microsoft's New Running Shoes

When Ballmer famously said, “Linux is a cancer that attaches itself in an intellectual property sense to everything it touches,” it was fair to characterize Microsoft’s approach to open source as hostile. But over time, forces within Microsoft pushed to change this attitude. Many groups inside of Microsoft continue to see the customer and business value in fostering, rather than fighting, OSS.

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GitHub Data In Your Website

Software collaboration goes beyond just working on the code. In addition to writing a lot of code, software involves writing a lot of words. Prose shows up in documentation, tutorials, blog posts, and so on.

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A Lesson in Compassion

The screaming was unexpected.

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Using Octokit.net to authenticate your app with GitHub

Some endpoints in the GitHub API require authorization to access private details. For example, if you want to get all of a user’s repositories, you’ll need to authenticate to see private repositories.

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Merge conflicts in csproj files

In a recent version of GitHub for Windows, we made a quiet change that had a subtle effect you might have noticed. We changed the default merge strategy for *.csproj and similar files. If you make changes to a .csproj file in a branch and then merge it to another branch, you’ll probably run into more merge conflicts now than before.

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A less terrible .NET project build with NuGet

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According to Maarten Balliauw, Building .NET projects is a world of pain. He should know, he is a co-founder of MyGet.org which provides private NuGet feeds along with build services for those packages.

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GitHub Secrets Talk

If you happen to be in Oahu next week (lucky you!), Wednesday April 9 2014 at 5:30 PM, come see my talk on GitHub Secrets at the University of Hawaii (lucky me!). Did I mention good food will be served?!

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