Introducing Octokit.NET

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Today on the GitHub blog, we announced the first release of

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Code Review Like You Mean It

If I had to pick just one feature that embodies GitHub (besides emoji support of course , I’d easily choose the Pull Request (aka PR). According to GitHub’s help docs (emphasis mine),

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Argue Well By Losing

I love a good argument. No really! Even ones online.

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RestSharp 104.2.0 Released

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Just shipped a new release of RestSharp to NuGet. For those who don’t know, RestSharp is a simple REST and HTTP API Client for .NET.

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Popular Code Conventions on GitHub

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The first GitHub Data Challenge launched in 2012 and asked the following compelling question: what would you do with all this data about our coding habits?

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The Two Email Rule For Out of Office Replies

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I avoid mailing lists the same way I avoid fun activities like meetings and pouring lemon juice into bloody scrapes. Even so, I still somehow end up subscribed to one or two. Even worse, once in a while, despite my better judgment, I send an email to such a list and am quickly punished for my transgression with an onslaught of out of office auto replies. You know the type:

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Alaska Software Community

There’s something about being outdoors in Alaska that inspires poetic thoughts. In my case it’s all bad poetry so I’ll spare you the nausea and just show a photo instead.

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License your code

A while back I wrote a riveting 3-part developer’s guide to copyright law and open source licensing for developers.

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The Lawyers Won’t Let Us

A finely honed bullshit detector is a benefit to everyone. Let’s try a hypothetical conversation to test yours!

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A Google Reader Replacement

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Google is shuttering Google Reader in a little over a day (on July 1st, 2013) as I write this. If you use Google Reader to read my blog, this means you might miss out on my posts and I KNOW YOU DON’T WANT THIS!

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Platform Limitations Harm .NET

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SemVer 2.0 Released

One of the side projects I’ve been working on lately is helping to shepherd the Semantic Versioning specification (SemVer) along to its 2.0.0 release. I want to thank everyone who sent pull requests and engaged in thoughtful, critical, spirited feedback about the spec. Your involvement has made it better!

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Hidden Code Mines

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Code is unforgiving. As the reasonable human beings that we are, when we review code we both know what the author intends. But computers can’t wait to Well, Actually all over that code like a lonely Hacker News commenter:

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Reflective Parenting

This post is a departure from my typical software related topics, but I think you’ll find parallels with management and dealing with software developers.

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Applying Conway’s Law

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In some recent talks I make a reference to Conway’s Law named after Melvin Conway (not to be confused with British Mathematician John Horton Conway famous for Conway’s Game of Life nor to be confused with Conway Twitty) which states:

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Better Testers

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In a recent post, Test Better, I suggested that developers can and ought do a better job of testing their own code. If you haven’t read it, I recommend you read that post first. I’m totally not biased in saying this at all. GO DO IT ALREADY!

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Upcoming Speaking Gigs and a Podcast

Someone recently emailed me to ask if I’m speaking at any upcoming conferences this year. Good question!

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Test Better

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Developers take pride in speaking their mind and not shying away from touchy subjects. Yet there is one subject makes many developers uncomfortable.

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Trust and NuGet

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How can you trust anything you install from NuGet? It’s a simple question, but the answer is complicated. Trust is not some binary value. There are degrees of trust. I trust my friends to warn me before they contact the authorities and maybe suggest a lawyer, but I trust my wife to help me dispose of the body and uphold the conspiracy of silence (Honey, it was in the fine print of our wedding vows in case you’re wondering).

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A Caveat with NuGet Source Code Packages

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The other day I needed a simple JSON parser for a thing I worked on. Sure, I’m familiar with JSON.NET, but I wanted something I could just compile into my project. The reason why is not important for this discussion (but it has to do with world domination, butterflies, and minotaurs).

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