Blogging: 3 questions

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I swear I never do these stupid quizzes or memes or whatever you call it, but this is only three questions. If it’s good enough for Sam Ruby, it’s good enough for me.

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For The Love of Football (Soccer)

Thierry Henry One of my friends from our weekend pick-up game sent around this quote from Nick Hornby’s novel, Fever Pitch (which was regrettably turned into a movie about baseball, rather than soccer as it was written).

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Drove Down to San Diego

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Yesterday we drove down to the San Diego area to spend the day with Akumi’s dad in Chula Vista, right on the border with Mexico. Trips to visit her dad end up being culinary expeditions of the highest quality. For lunch, we had some of the most delicious Ton-Katsu since Japan. Unfortunately we stuffed our faces so much that by the time we went to dinner, we were still a bit full and couldn’t enjoy the meal. Which was too bad because we went to the best Sushi place in San Diego. Perhaps the best in Southern California. Sushi Ota.

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Happy 27th Birthday Dare!

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Today, the esteemed Dare Obasanjo, MSN Maestro, RSS Bandit Ruler, XML Guru Extraordinaire, Social Software Seminarian has just completed his 27th trip around the sun.

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Quickstart Guide To Open Source Development With CVS and SourceForge

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UPDATE: Whoops! I linked to the wrong versions of putty and pageant. I corrected the links.

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Knee-Jerk Rant On Education in America

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Alright, it’s time for me to pull this ratty old thing out of the closet, dust it off a bit, and step onto it. Yes, my pedestal.

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Subtext Progress Report

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Subtext Logo For the past several days, I’ve been consumed with working on the Subtext blogging engine (not to be confused with the Subtext programming language). It’s been the most fun I’ve had writing software since, well, since working on RSS Bandit as a matter of fact. ;)

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Look, Nobody Really Cares That You're A DJ

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This just cracks me up. Especially after reading #1 through #3 and then you get to #4, I can’t stop laughing. If you’ve been these various venues (rave, dance club, hip-hop club, etc…), you’ll totally get this humor.

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Awesome Music Video. What Happens When Your Work Follows You Around?

Music Video Screenshot This is quite possibly one of the coolest music videos ever.

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What a Shitty Day

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Today has been an awful day, starting just past midnight, I lose the database for my site. Later, I played in the most dreadful soccer game ever. We only fielded ten players, but the other team only had seven showup to start! Yet, they managed to put three in the back of the net by half-time.

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The Trouble With Choice

As a developer, I like choice. For example, WiX doesn’t currently support managed custom actions. You can hack it together, but they won’t support your endeavor. Personally, I want the choice to shoot myself in the foot with a managed custom action. Hand over that gun!

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Oh the Irony! Hilary Rosen Complains About DRM

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Yes, THAT Hilary Rosen. The RIAA’s former top attack dog Hilary Rosen is complaining about DRM on music. This is an interesting topic for her first post on Arianna Huffington’s new blog. Does she not realize the inherent irony of her complaint?

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a professional developer, it is that “TIP” is bad. Never Test In Production! Unfortunately in my case, it was past midnight, I was tired, and I had two query analyzer windows open, one to my local host, and one to my website’s database, both with the same database name

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ASP.NET 1.1 database cache dependency (without triggers)

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Jon Galloway delights with a meaty post outlining a method for creating a SQL Server database cache dependency without the use of triggers. It’s an interesting read and worth looking into.

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Microsoft reverses its position on anti-discrimination bill

From Scoble’s blog we hear that…

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Microsoft Gives Me the Warm and Fuzzies

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Scoble has posted Steve Ballmer’s email on public policy engagement and outlines the thought process behind the reversal.

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Google Web Accelerator Can Mess With Your Web App

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Greaaat. Another thing to worry about as a developer. You’ve deployed your slick new Wiki or some other web app and Google comes along and starts deleting content. ;)

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Correcting Inaccuracies. Getting Involved in Subtext.

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Tentative logo Ken Robertson points out some minor inaccuracies (none intentional) in my announcement about Subtext concerning Community Server.

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Anybody Know of a Control for Building .NET SqlConnection Strings?

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I’m looking for a Windows Forms control or dialog used to both parse and build connection strings by walking the user though selecting a server, database, etc…

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You Have To Love Irony

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This quote from Sharp as a Marble just cracks me up.

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