If you’re a fan of NPR and KCRW, make sure your voice is heard. The House will soon vote on budget cuts for public broadcasting and the issue is being painted as a liberal vs conservative battle.

I believe it is impossible for a person to be truly objective, but as far as news programs go, I think NPR does a great job of it. I think both sides of the political spectrum appreciate receiving news without the sensationalism and fear mongering so prevalent from its puerile cousin, television news. Here is the letter from KCRW in full…

Message from KCRW General Manager Ruth Seymour
Dear KCRW Listener,

I am writing you about an unfolding crises in Congress with regard to public broadcasting. Proposed funding cuts now before the full House pose a serious threat to public radio and television – and to KCRW.

The proposed cut is 25% to KCRW’s CPB grant this October and next October as well. Moreover adding the proposed additional cuts to PBS childrens’ programs and station digital conversion – the total reduction adds up to a whopping 45%!

Facility funding, which provided oportunities for stations to modernize and extend their service has already been zeroed out. These are the grants that helped KCRW purchase it’s first modern transmitter in 1979 and launch NPR’s Morning Edition. Later they enabled KCRW to extend sevice to Ventura and the Antelope Valley.

If these cuts stand, KCRW may lose over $1,000,000 from its operating revenue. This would severely impact KCRW’s local programming and our ability to sustain NPR.

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting is the independent organization created by Congress to support public broadcasting and act as a heat shield against political interference. But now, ironically, the Corporation itself is providing the heat.

Chairman Ken Tomlinson has politicized matters by framing the issue of balance on news programs as liberal versus conservative. We vehemently object to this characterization which is intended to put public broadcasting on the defensive and influence program decisions.

  • We cherish our editorial independence and the political diversity of the audience we have attracted.
  • We believe in objective journalism, free from political constraints.
  • While we welcome constructive criticism, we reject partisan judgements masquerading as impartial analysis.

We can’t reverse the funding cuts by ourselves. We need your help.


Please register your opinion by contacting your Congressional Representative right away.

The full House votes next Thursday or Friday.

Find your Congressional Representative at:\



Ruth Seymour KCRW General Manager

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