It only feels like yesterday that we shipped ASP.NET MVC 3 followed by a release of updated Visual Studio tooling for ASP.NET MVC 3. But we’re not ones to sit on our hands for long and are busy at work on ASP.NET MVC 4.

In fact, almost immediately after shipping ASP.NET MVC 3, we started working through our backlog of bugs at the same time that we started general planning for the next major version.

Today, I’ve published the result of that planning in the form of a high-level roadmap for ASP.NET MVC 4.

There’s an important disclaimer I want to highlight in the roadmap:

It’s important to understand that we are in the early stagesof development on ASP.NET MVC 4 and that this roadmap is a planning document for the next release. It is not a specification of what is to come. We hope to implement most or all of the features listed here, but there are no guarantees. Plans can change. And you can help change them! Please visit our forums to provide feedback on our plans so that we have a better picture of what you want to see in the next release.

This roadmap is more detailed than roadmaps that we’ve written in the past. My hope is that it provides enough of a taste of the features to come that we can get feedback even earlier on features that we have yet to implement.

One of the cool new features I want to highlight is the feature we’re calling “Recipes”. In brief, a recipe is scaffolding on steroids. These are bits of UI delivered via NuGet for accomplishing common tasks. We put a few ideas in the roadmap, but would love to hear more ideas.

Not included in the roadmap are the many cool enhancements to Razor and other features being considered for the next version of ASP.NET Web Pages that ASP.NET MVC developers will get for free! Erik Porter (aka @humancompiler) and his team are hard at work on those features, so I won’t spoil the surprise.

UPDATE: We started a UserVoice site for ASP.NET MVC features.