In a recent post I outlined step by step how to obtain the source code for Subtext as a non-developer. Well I was a bit sloppy and made a couple of mistakes in the post (now corrected).

However, I feel a bit bad about it. It’s not like me to be so sloppy and give incorrect information. I decided I must pay penance! These instructions apply to those who want to look at the source code on a development machine.

The Easier Way!

I created a simple batch file you can use to execute the CVS command for you. So my updated steps are:

  • As before, make sure you have TortoiseCVS installed.
  • Create a database in SQL Server named “SubtextData” and make sure your database server has an ASPNET login.
  • Create an ASPNET user using the ASPNET login for the SubtextData database.
  • Download and unzip the batch file to your projects folder (for me, I would place this file in my “c:\Projects” folder.
  • Now double click the batch file.

If you install TortoiseCVS in a location other than your program files, you will need to modify the batch file to point to the correct location.

When you run the batch file, it downloads all the source code from CVS and then runs a downloaded script named “CreateSubtextVdir.vbs” that will set up a virtual directory in IIS pointing to the correct location. All you have to do is compile and browse to http://localhost/Subtext.Web/.

Again, I hope this makes it easier to grab the latest bits and play around with it.

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