UPDATE: Sorry, but my previous instructions contained some errors. I’ll make it up to you. In the meanwhile, here are the corrections.

If you don’t have developer access to the Subtext project on SourceForge but want to take a look at the latest version of source code and compile it yourself, just follow the following steps. I simply borrowed this list from Scott’s post and modified it for Subtext.

  • Download TortoiseCVS and install it.
  • Right click on the folder where you generally create projects (for me it would be in the c:\Projects folder) and select “CVS Checkout”
  • In the CVSROOT text box, enter in this: :pserver:anonymous@cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/subtext and in the Module text box enter “SubtextSystem”
  • Hit OK. You’ll get all of Subtext. You should now have a SubtextSystem folder within your projects folder.
  • There is a file named “CreateSubtextVdir.vbs” that will setup Subtext in IIS as a Virtual Directory (thanks again Scott!)
  • Now you’re ready to compile and play around.

NOTE: When you do this you are implicitly getting a label in source control called “HEAD.” That’s the latest stuff that the Subtext team has checked into CVS.

Until Subtext has a release, that’s all there is to play with. Once we do have releases, I’ll provide info on how to download a specific release.