Spyware cures may cause more harm

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This is why I always recommend Spybot Search and Destroy.

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Explicit image of the "Sun Shield"

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Datatable as a method parameter

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I’m working with a third party component (I will not name the guilty party) that has a method with the following signature and implementation (with no overrides):

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The new digs

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So what is up with this ugly new site? Basically it is one of those “Oh gawd, a developer is trying to design” designs. It is one of the default designs that comes with a blogging back-end that I am now using. You’ll also notice that my URL is some funky long piece of work with “europe” in it. No, I haven’t moved to europe. My good man Erik pointed me towards free ASP.NET hosting with SQL Server access. I’m trying it out and hosting my blog here. As for the design,don’t worry, it is temporary. I have some underground monkeys working feverishly hard to produce a mind blowing, head splitting, taste bud exciting new design. Some new features to note:

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