It’s amazing the fallout over the Janet Jackson breast incident.

My god people! It’s a breast!

It was on for three seconds!

We’ve all suckled on one when we were children (some even later) so I don’t buy the concern “think about the children!” Children see a breast on tv they think, “Hee Hee, a booby.” They don’t think, “Oh! I saw a breast. My innocence has been stolen, I think I’ll go out and engage in promiscuous unprotected sex.” Show a kid the closeup they’ll probably think, “Oh! That’s gotta hurt!”

In any case, I think Chris Sells makes a good point here:

Severe Beating Shown, CBS Shocked/FCC Investigates

Or rather, that’s the headline I wish I could post. However, instead of CBS and the FCC getting freaked out about the insane amount of severe violence on TV, available to our children any time of the day or night, they’re worried about 3 seconds of breast.