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In my last 2013 recap blog post I wrote about the number of steps I recorded with Fitbit last year and the year prior. In case you missed it, they were:

  • 2012 - 3,115,606 steps (Note, I started recording in March)
  • 2013 - 4,577,481 steps

Someone asked me how I got those numbers because the Fitbit dashboard is confusing. Indeed it is. Here’s how.

First, when you go to the dashboard, you have to mouse over the section to see the “more info” link.

Fitbit dashboard

Then, click on the “Year” tab. But you’ll notice that you still don’t see summary data. You have to click on the little back link.

Fitbit activity without totals

There’s a brief pause, but the summary totals should show up on bottom.

Fitbit activity with totals

Unfortunately I can’t get the same report for my sleep patterns without paying for the premium account. I might do that if I had tracked my sleep better last year.

Hopefully, if you have a Fitbit, this helps you.

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  1. Avatar for railmeat
    railmeat January 2nd, 2014

    Fitbit, and their competitors are very possessive of their users data.That is disappointing, there should be an easy way to get my data from them in bulk in a machine readable format.

  2. Avatar for haacked
    haacked January 2nd, 2014

    Yeah, I really want access to my data. I already paid for the device. :)

  3. Avatar for haackeed
    haackeed January 31st, 2014


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    matt March 8th, 2015

    Glad to hear it Matt! I'll have to look into what y'all have been doing with the testable pattern. I've actually started to move away from it completely, favoring action method injection instead. I need to write about that sometime soon.