A while back I wrote a riveting 3-part developer’s guide to copyright law and open source licensing for developers.

I’m pretty sure you read every word at the edge of your seat. Who doesn’t love reading about laws, licenses, and copyright!?

Seriously though, I hope some of you found it useful. In this post, I want to talk about some recent developments that should make it easier for developers to license their code.


A couple days ago I published a blog post on the GitHub blog about an effort I’ve been involved with, http://choosealicense.com/. Per the about page:

GitHub wants to help developers choose a license for their source code.

If you already know what you’re doing and have a license you prefer to use, that’s great! We’re not here to change your mind. But if you are bewildered by the large number of OSS license choices, maybe we can help.

I’m interested in helping developers be explicit and clear about their intent for their code. Adding a LICENSE (or an UNLICENSE if that’s your thing) file to the root of your public repository is a good way to state your intent. We even include an option if you really do want to retain all rights to your code, you grinch (I kid! I do not judge.)

But before you can choose a license, you need to be informed about what the license entails. That’s what we hope the site helps with.

Combined with the site, GitHub now has a feature that lets you choose a license when creating a repository on GitHub.


That’s great! But what about all your existing projects? Well one of my co-workers, Garen Torikian, has you covered. He built http://addalicense.com/ as a little side project. Note that the project is full of disclaimers:

This site is **not owned by or affiliated with GitHub**. But I work there, and I’m using the API to add each new license file. You’ll be asked to authenticate this app for your public repositories on the next page.

Perhaps in the future, we may integrate this into http://choosealicense.com/.

But in the meanwhile check it out and get those projects licensed!