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Back in March of this year I had the honor and delight to give the opening keynote at CodeMania, a new conference in New Zealand.

This conference was something special. I mean, just look at their beautiful lucha libre inspired site design.


Although inexplicably, they switched to a pirate theme when it came to my profile image. Even so, it’s fun and the Twitter integration is a nice touch. It’s time for me to tweet something very inappropriate.


On a personal level, this was a particularly special conference for me as it was the first time I’ve been asked to deliver a keynote. The topic I chose was about the love of coding and some of the barriers that can dampen that love.

I touched upon some themes that I’ve written about here such as why we should care lack of women in our industry as well as the benefits of a work environment where employees feel trusted and fulfilled. I also riffed a bit about the GitHub work environment based on my brief experience there as well as the blog posts by Zach Holman on How GitHub Works. It was a privilege and a lot of fun to give a talk that’s very different from the ones I usually give.

Not only that, but apparently the talk touched a nerve for at least one person who tweeted that this talk made him leave his job in search of a better one!

You can watch the talk on Youtube. Note that the title of my talk includes a swear word (I explain why). I know some of you are sensitive to that so I thought I’d warn you in case you’re watching this out loud with children around and would rather they not hear such language.

You can view my “slides” here on GitHub. The slides is actually a web page using Impress.js. You’ll probably need to use Safari or Chrome to view them. As I mentioned before, I’ve been posting my recent talks on Github. The GitHub project page for my talks are here if you want to clone them locally.

I should also reiterate that this talk was delivered to a New Zealand audience. Hence the crack at the expense of Aussies. I have nothing against Australians. Some of my close friends are Aussies. But when you’re in the land of Kiwis, you do what you need to in order to get the message across. Apparently the relationship between Kiwis and Aussies is not unlike that of Canadians and Americans. No real hate back and forth, but a lot of mutual ribbing.

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  1. Avatar for Leonardo
    Leonardo August 26th, 2012

    Hi Phil, great slides! I can only assume it was also a brilliant keynote. I hope you get invited again next year, and perhaps consider bringing the awesomeness across the Tasman Sea as well. Just don't ask the locals about that time the All Blacks had Wallaby for dinner. ;)

  2. Avatar for Ian Randall
    Ian Randall August 26th, 2012

    The honor and the delight was all ours, Phil! Thanks for being our first ever speaker and setting the tone for an amazing and successful day.
    Ian the codemaniac

  3. Avatar for Luke McGregor
    Luke McGregor August 27th, 2012

    Yeah was a pretty awesome keynote, So important to love what you do.
    I F***ing love to code too :P

  4. Avatar for Gokul
    Gokul August 27th, 2012

    One of the best talks!!
    Thank You!
    BTW, did you use any editor for impress.js presentation?

  5. Avatar for haacked
    haacked August 27th, 2012

    @Gokul I used Sublime Text to write the HTML and CSS.

  6. Avatar for Tim Murphy
    Tim Murphy August 27th, 2012

    There is only one thing better than kiwi joke about Aussies. An Aussie joke about kiwis. No offence taken. Just remember to return the favour.

  7. Avatar for Bhavin
    Bhavin August 30th, 2012

    Phill, i love your blog, but please could you put hyperlinks to open in a new tab/window..

  8. Avatar for Bhavin
    Bhavin August 30th, 2012

    oops, added an extra 'l'

  9. Avatar for Yakup İpek
    Yakup İpek September 26th, 2012

    @Phill Which presentation tool have you used for this one ? Is it ?

  10. Avatar for haacked
    haacked September 27th, 2012