Today, during his //BUILD keynote, Scott Guthrie announced the availability of ASP.NET MVC 4 Developer preview. Note those words, developer preview. This is not even a Beta release. But there sure is a lot of cool stuff inside.

One great thing about this release is that the runtime libraries (our assemblies) as well as our JavaScript libraries are available as NuGet packages. So if you write packages that depend on the ASP.NET MVC 4 runtime, you can have them depend on our packages.

Also included in this release is NuGet 1.5 which was released just recently. If you already have NuGet 1.5 installed, you may notice there’s a new update available.  This new version includes support for Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview. There are no other changes in it.

I’m also giving a couple of talks at BUILD that you’ll be able to watch online that cover some of the features within ASP.NET MVC 4. To find out more about the release, visit our ASP.NET MVC 4 information page.

Install it

You can install it via the Web Platform installer:

Or if you prefer to download the installers directly, visit the download details page.

We also published an ASP.NET MVC 3 installer for Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview if you’d like to try that out.

Closing Thoughts

I’m excited about this release and will be interested to hear your feedback. I also want to recognize the heroic efforts of the ASP.NET MVC team (and NuGet and ASP.NET Web Pages) to get this release ready in time with all the features that it contains. I’m privileged to work with such great folks. Smile