UPDATE: We found an issue with 1.5 when running behind some proxies that caused an “Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow” exception message and another issue with signed PS1 scripts. We’ve now posted an update (NuGet 1.5.20902.9023) that fixes the issues.

I’m happy to announce the release of NuGet 1.5 just in time to make sure our roadmap isn’t a liar. I won’t bore you by repeating the details of the release, but instead direct you to the NuGet 1.5 release notes.

If you are running a private NuGet.Server repository, you’ll need to update that repository the latest version of NuGet.Server to connect to it using NuGet 1.5.

I’ve updated our roadmap to reflect what we’re thinking about next. The next release is going to focus more on continuous integration scenarios that we’ve heard from customers, pre-release “beta” packages and multiple UI improvements such as allowing folks to disable package sources.

Also, on occasion, the NuGet feature team hangs out in a home-grown IRC style web based chat application written by David Fowler in his spare time as a test app for SignalR. We’re contemplating the idea of making it a more regular thing if possible.