No, I’m not talking about my mental age.

My son turned four this past week which means I’m four years into my world domination plan. One of the gifts we gave my son was a toolbox with plastic toys so we can train him on building the mega-lasers and fortresses needed to take over the world. Turns out that before you start dominating the world, you have to start taking baby steps. And then toddler steps. And then 4-year old running terror steps.

In these past four years, I’ve learned a lot. For example, you can get a four year old to believe anything. That’s come in useful as a tool for manipulating my child to do my bidding. We were at the mall one day and he asked about a picture of a zombie with rotting teeth and without skipping a beat, my wife and I told him that’s what happens when you don’t wash your face and brush your teeth. There’s still complaining when I brush his teeth, but he’s at the sink at “two” on a three count.

Meta Bloggling

The point of this Random Friday series was to get back into the flow of blogging. But I am concerned that my Blog will turn entirely into random Friday blog posts. I guess it’s incentive for me to try and post some substance once a week as well. Or turn the knob down a bit and make this an every-other random Friday. The Fridays in between would be perfectly ordered and predictable Fridays and not worth blogging.

Friday Appreciation

And for the weekly thing I appreciate, it’s the sport of Soccer. Or Football as the rest of the world calls it. It’s interesting to me how quickly my British friends jump on me when I call it “Soccer”.

Bloody ‘ell! It’s called Football you stupid Amurrrrrican.

Which is ironic because the name Soccer comes from Association Football, which was invented, where else? England. The term was shortened to “Asoc” which forms the basis of the the word Soccer. In the words of those cheesy Anti-Drug PSAs, I learned it by watching you!

My summer soccer season started this Monday and we won our first game 5 – 4. Sadly, we went from 1st place in our division in the Winter season to last place last spring, which means we were relegated to a lower division for the summer season. Hopefully we can pull ourselves back up because things are a bit chippier down here.

After each game, I’ve somehow become the chronicler of our great deeds and I write-up a game report I send out to my teammates full of timeless sports classics such as Boom Goes The Dynamite. The fact that I have no future in sports writing is pretty safe. I toyed with the idea of posting the write-ups to my blog, but I didn’t want to turn my blog solely into a collection of Random Friday write-ups and tales of old men playing Soccer.

I’m on vacation next week so things should be quiet for me here. Unless past behavior is any indication in which case I’ll blog a thousand technical posts. Thanks for reading. Smile