Almost two years ago, I announced the launch of, a blatant and obvious rip-off of the Let me Google that for you website.

The initial site was created by Maarten Balliauw and Juliën Hanssens in response to a call for help I made. It was just something we did for fun. I’ve been maintaining the site privately always intending to spend some time to refresh the code and open source it.

Just recently, I upgraded the site to ASP.NET MVC 3, refactored a bunch of code, and moved the site to AppHarbor.

Why AppHarbor?

I’ve heard such good things about how easy it is to deploy to AppHarbor so I wanted to try it out firsthand myself, and this small little project seemed like a perfect fit.

I had been working on the code in a private Mercurial repository so it was trivially easy for me to push it to a BitBucket repository. From there it’s really easy to integrate the BitBucket account with AppHarbor.

So now, my deployment workflow is really easy when working on this simple project:

  1. Make some changes and commit them into my local HG (Mercurial) repository. I have my local repository syncing to all my machines using Live Mesh.
  2. At some point, when I’m ready to publish the changes, I run the hg push command on my repository.
  3. That’s it! AppHarbor builds my project and if all the unit tests pass, it deploys it live.

I’m not planning to spend a lot of time on Let Me Bing That For You. It’s just a fun little side project that allows me to play around with ASP.NET MVC 3, jQuery, etc. If you want to look at the source, or contribute a patch, check it out on BitBucket.