In continuing our efforts to release early, release often, I’m happy to announce the release of NuGet 1.3!

Upgrade!If you go into Visual Studio and select Tools > Extension Manager, click on the Update tab and you’ll see that this new version of NuGet is available as an update. Click the Upgrade button and you’re all set. It only takes a minute and it really is that easy to upgrade.


As always, there’s a new version of NuGet.exe corresponding with this release as well as a new version of the Package Explorer. If you have a fairly recent version of NuGet.exe, you can upgrade it by simply running the following command:

NuGet.exe u


Expect a new version of Package Explorer to be released soon as well. It is a click once application so all you need to do is open it and it will prompt you to upgrade it when an upgrade is available.

There’s a lot of cool improvements and bug fixes in this release as you can see in the release announcement. One of my favorite features is the ability to quicky create a package from a project file (csproj, vbproj) and push the package with debugging symbols to the server. David Ebbo wrote a great blog post about this feature and Scott Hanselman and I demonstrated this feature 20 minutes into our NuGet in Depth talk at Mix 11.