I’m happy to announce the release of NuGet 1.2. It took us a bit longer than we expected to get this release out there, and I’ll explain why later, but for now, go install it!

Upgrade!If you go into Visual Studio and select Tools | Extension Manager, click on the Update tab and you’ll see that this new version of NuGet should be available as an update. It only takes a minute and it really is that easy to upgrade.

For more details about what’s in this release, check out the announcement on nuget.org.

There’s also a new version of NuGet.exe corresponding with this release as well as the Package Explorer. If you have a fairly recent version of NuGet.exe, you can upgrade it by simply running the following command:

NuGet.exe u


Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen. I’ll be writing about our plans for 1.3 fairly soon. Smile