Over the past couple of years, I’ve written several blog posts on ASP.NET Routing where I provided various extensions to routing. Typically such blog posts included a zip download of the binaries and source code to allow readers to easily try out the code.

But that’s always been a real pain and most people don’t bother. But now, there’s a better way to share such code. Moving forward, I’ll be using NuGet packages as a means of sharing my code samples.

In the case of my routing extensions, I’ve compiled them into a solution I call RouteMagic (source is available on GitHub). This solution includes two packages, RouteMagic.Mvc (extensions specific to ASP.NET MVC Routing) and RouteMagic (more general ASP.NET Routing extensions). The RouteMagic.Mvc package depends on the RouteMagic package.

These packages are available in the NuGet feed!

After installing the RouteMagic.Mvc package, you’ll have the following  features available to you.

The source code for the solution contains the following projects:

  • RouteMagic
  • RouteMagic.Mvc
  • RouteMagic.Demo.Web (ASP.NET MVC Web application used to demo these features)
  • UnitTests

This is just a pet project I put together based on various blog posts I’ve written. I’d love to see some of these ideas eventually make it into the Framework. But until then, you’ll probably see these things make it into Subtext for sure!