Along with James Senior, I’ll be speaking at a couple of free Web Camps events in South America in March 2011.


Buenos Aires, Argentina –March 14-15, 2011

São Paulo, Brazil –March 18-19, 2011

The registration links are not yet available, but I’ll update this blog post once they are.Registration is open! Register for Argentina. Register for Brazil. For a list of all upcoming Web Camps events, see the events list.

If you’re not familiar with Web Camps, the website provides the following description, emphasis mine:

Microsoft’s 2 day Web Camps are events that allow you to learn and build websites using ASP.NET MVC, WebMatrix, OData and more. Register today at a location near you! These events will cover all 3 topics and will have presentations on day 1 with hands on development on day 2. They will be available at 7 countries worldwide with dates and locations confirming soon.

Did I mention that these events are free? The description neglects to mention NuGet, but you can bet I’ll talk about that as well. Smile 

I’m really excited to visit South America (this will be my first time) and I hope that schedules align in a way that I can catch a Fútbol/Futebol game or two. I also need to brush up on my Spanish for Argentina and learn a bit of Portugese for Brazil.

One interesting thing I’m learning is that visiting Brazil requires a Visa (Argentina does not) which is a heavyweight process. According to the instructions I received, it takes a minimum of 40 business days to receive the Visa! Wow. I’m sure the churrascaria will be worth it though.

Good thing I’m getting started on this early. Hey Brazil, I promise not to trash your country. So feel free to make my application go through more quickly.