This is the second job posting in two days for positions on the ASP.NET team, how exciting! This one is a developer position for upcoming graduates.

Before I continue, I need to fulfill a promise to a co-worker to include a barely relevant stock photograph in this blog post.

Good, with that out of the way, allow me to continue.

If you are in college or grad school, graduating in 2010, and are looking for a great job writing code for ASP.NET, we have a position available! Send me your resume and I’ll forward it along to the proper people.

My email address is philha at (my company).com where (my company) is Microsoft. If you can’t figure out based on that where to email your resume, you probably shouldn’t bother applying ;)

Once again, this is for college or graduate school students graduating in 2010. If you’re not an upcoming graduate, consider we also have a QA position available.

I look forward to seeing you roam the halls of building 42.