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The ASP.NET Team is still looking for that QA person out there who shares our passion for technology and improving the means by which software is made.

Keep in mind that the QA position on our team is not someone who mindlessly follows a script hoping by sheer random luck to find bugs. Oh no no no my friends.

This is considered a software development position in which you will be responsible for improving the processes and tools we have in place for ensuring quality software. You’d be involved in improving the quality of all phases of product development as a valued member of a feature crew. Think broadly about the idea of software quality. Your role is to question whether we’re building the right product as much as it is to test the product once it is built.

Matt Osborn, a member of the ASP.NET MVC feature crew has a description of the position.

That’s right you read the title right the ASP.NET QA team is once again hosting ninja try outs. We are looking for someone who is able to help evolve the team processes, improve our tooling, and join us in the trenches as we test one of the best technologies out there. Overall the team is responsible for ASP.NET WebForms, ASP.NET MVC, Microsoft AJAX, and a whole slew of other technologies. Our technologies can be found in numerous large scale web sites such as,

Once again we would like to find someone that shares our passion for our technology and our trade and someone that has spent sometime in the trenches. So if this sounds like something you’re interested in polish your nun chucks, practice your disappearing skills, and slice your way through our job posting. In the meantime while your sword is out for sharpening send Mark Berryman (one of our managers) an email.

PS: If you listen to the Coding QA podcast you can get a good feel for what it is like being the frontline testing ninjas for ASP.NET. We had a great turn out last time and please feel free submit your resume again it can’t hurt.

Keep in mind we’re not looking for “test” ninjas as in “sample” ninjas. We’re looking for the real deal, brimming with throwing stars of bug finding. Ok, the analogy breaks down a bit there. But you get the picture.

And before I forget, here’s the direct link to the job description on the Microsoft careers site.

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5 responses

  1. Avatar for Mike
    Mike January 12th, 2010

    I live in Europe, is that a problem?

  2. Avatar for haacked
    haacked January 12th, 2010

    Hi Mike, living in Europe is not a problem. I think it's a fine place to live, I've done it myself. :)
    Now if you want to take this position, living in Europe isn't a problem, staying in Europe is :P. I believe the position requires relocation to Redmond. Sorry.
    But I must say, it's really nice here. :)

  3. Avatar for ciro
    ciro January 13th, 2010

    European, ready to move to Redmond tomorrow (I really loved Seattle and I visited the MS campus after I read 'Microserf') but probably not 100% percent qualified for the position and the relocation process is probably a bureaucracy hell... Good luck to whoever will be hired

  4. Avatar for Tien
    Tien February 1st, 2010

    I live in Vietnam, is that a problem?

  5. Avatar for Sandeep
    Sandeep February 3rd, 2010

    I have already developed software for QA. So I can help you more. I am having 2.5 yrs of exp in .NET Technology. Here I am handling projects with my friends. I am interested to work with you.

    Waiting for your positive reply.