Just wanted to highlight a couple of podcasts that were suckersgracious enough to have me as a guest.



In this podcast I join the fellas at HerdingCode. Although this podcast came out after the Hanselminutes one, it was actually recorded a long time prior to that one. Jon Galloway, who does the editing, probably has some lame excuse about life changing events keeping him busy.

I spent most of the time covering what’s new with ASP.NET MVC 2 Preview 2, how the community influences our project, and how we prioritize bugs. I also finally reveal the dirty truth about Rob Conery’s departure from Microsoft.

What’s notable about this episode is the introduction of a brand new segment, “Abusive Questions from Twitter”. I was having problems with my Borg implant and there was disruption of the transmission of marketing answer from the mother ship. Hear me stumble and ramble through the answer to that one when all I really meant to say was “I think ASP.NET MVC has a lot going for it, but use what makes you happy.” These guys are great at putting you on the spot. :)

Listen: Herding Code 64: Phil Haack on MVC 2


In this one I chat with my friend and co-worker Scott Hanselman, who is as great an interviewer as he is a speaker.

We spend most of the interview talking about ASP.NET MVC 2 Beta.

This one is notable as the interview is interrupted by a call from the one and only ScottGu who says some words about me (audible on the podcast) that you never want to hear about you coming from your VP.

He was only joking. (Right Scott? Ha ha ha… It was a joke, right? Ha ha ha…. Ha?)

Listen: Hanselminutes Show 188: ASP.NET MVC 2 Beta with Phil Haack

I hope you enjoy them and if you hated them, I welcome constructive criticism. It’s so much easier to gather your thoughts when writing than when being interviewed. I’m impressed that these guys all do so well to be quick witted and come up with great questions time and time again.