Neat VS10 Feature: Pinning A Debugger Watch

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I was stepping through some code in a debugger today and noticed a neat little feature of Visual Studio 2010 that I hadn’t noticed before.

When debugging, you can easily examine the value of a variably by highlighting it with your mouse. Nothing new there. But then I noticed a little pin next to it, which I’ve never seen before.


So what do you see when you see a pin? You click on it!


As you might expect, that pins the quick watch in place. So now I hit the play button, continue running my app in the debugger, and the next time I hit that breakpoint:


I can clearly see the value changed since the last time. I think this may come in useful when walking through code as a way of seeing the value of important variables right next to where they are declared. I thought that was pretty neat.

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  1. Avatar for Hilbert V
    Hilbert V November 6th, 2009

    That's really a neat feature..! Very Handy during Debugging..! :)

  2. Avatar for David R. Longnecker
    David R. Longnecker November 6th, 2009

    Hah, that's freaking sweet. Been using 2010 since B1, but haven't noticed the pin. Thanks for pointing (lame pun intended) it out! :D