UPDATE 2018-11-19: I’ve transferred the GitHub Repository to Mateus Rodrigues de Morais who will take over future development of Let Me Bing That For You.

Despite what your well intentioned elementary school teachers would have liked you to believe, there is such a thing as a stupid question, and you probably get them all the time via email or IM.

You also know that in half the time it takes to type the question, the person pestering you could have typed the query in their favorite search engine and received an answer immediately.

Let me Google that for you addressed this little annoyance by providing a passive aggressive means to tell annoying question askers to bugger off while at the same time teaching them the power of using a search engine to help themselves.

lmbtfyWhen I first heard about the Microsoft’s new search engine, Bing, I jumped at purchasing the domain name http://letmebingthatforyou.com/ (though I was remiss in not also registering lmbtfy.com as well. If you own that domain, may I buy it off of you?)

Unfortunately, being way too busy caused me to leave the domain name unused gathering dust until I put out a call on Twitter for help. Not long after Maarten Balliauw and Juliën Hanssens answered the call and put together the bulk of this ASP.NET MVC application using jQuery and jQuery UI.

I really like what they did in that the background image for http://letmebingthatforyou.com/ changes daily to match the one on bing.com. I finally found some time to review the code, do a bit of clean-up, fix some minor issues, and test it so I am now ready to deploy it.

Keep in mind that even though I’m employed by Microsoft, this site is a pet project I’m doing on the side in collaboration with Maarten and Juliën and is in not associated with Microsoft nor Bing in any official capacity. We’re just some folks doing this for fun.

Now go try it out and release your inner snarkiness.