Not Your Typical Top Ten Of 2008 Post

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At the end of the year, it’s very common for bloggers to take a look back at their own blog and list their favorite 10 blog posts. I find that somewhat narcissistic, so you know I’m going to do that.

But before I do, I thought it would be great to list the top 10 blog posts by others I read in 2008. The only problem is, I have very bad short-term memory and I can’t seem to remember which ones I read that had a real impact on my thinking. I’ll have to try and keep better track in 2009.

So based on a cursory Google search and look through my Google Reader app, here are some of my favorite blog posts of 2008 by you all, I couldn’t even list 10. Please do comment with your own favorite blog posts, mine or otherwise of 2008.

Favorite Posts I Read

My Top Posts (Using the Ayende Formula)

A while back, Ayende wrote up a weighted query for Subtext to determine the top posts. I updated it to only include mine published in

  1. Here are the top 5.

Milestones Moments

There are some posts that I personally liked because they represent important events that happened to me in 2008.

Ok, so maybe this post is pretty typical and doesn’t live up to the title I gave it. Oh well, I tried.

I’m sure I’m forgetting a whole lot of other important events that happened in 2008. I’m probably neglecting great blog posts that I read. But that’s the great thing about a blog, I’m confident people will point out my shortcomings in the comments to this post, and for that, I’m grateful. You all rock!

And with that, I leave you with this moment of zen, a photo taken near my house.


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  1. Avatar for Sean Chambers
    Sean Chambers December 30th, 2008

    Keep up the good work Phil. I truly enjoy reading your blog again! =)
    Looking forward to 2009 =)

  2. Avatar for josh
    josh December 30th, 2008

    I for one welcome our giant zen snowmen overlords.
    Happy New Year.

  3. Avatar for Bashar Kokash
    Bashar Kokash December 30th, 2008

    My favorite blog post was when Scott announces the chart control

  4. Avatar for Ajmani
    Ajmani December 30th, 2008

    But you still are gloating in your own ego, only you have "cloaked" it to look like you are not narcissistic. Then again, you admit right off the bat that you are narcissistic... :)
    Go Haack !
    P.S: what ever happened to your World Domination quest ? How is the little guy's progress on this front ?

  5. Avatar for haacked
    haacked December 30th, 2008

    @Ajmani things are going well. We've started ninja training for him and he's practicing his eeeeeevil overload look. Have you seen the photos from my recent post</ah>?

  6. Avatar for configurator
    configurator December 30th, 2008

    Evil overload? I didn't even know he's a method.

  7. Avatar for zahra
    zahra December 31st, 2008

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  8. Avatar for Tom
    Tom January 1st, 2009

    All this is is Your Typical Top Ten of 2008 Post

  9. Avatar for Swami K
    Swami K January 1st, 2009

    Nice compilation, Phil. I liked it.
    On Our Project, We're Always 90% Done is my favourite among the list
    Wishing u a successful new year