At the end of the year, it’s very common for bloggers to take a look back at their own blog and list their favorite 10 blog posts. I find that somewhat narcissistic, so you know I’m going to do that.

But before I do, I thought it would be great to list the top 10 blog posts by others I read in 2008. The only problem is, I have very bad short-term memory and I can’t seem to remember which ones I read that had a real impact on my thinking. I’ll have to try and keep better track in 2009.

So based on a cursory Google search and look through my Google Reader app, here are some of my favorite blog posts of 2008 by you all, I couldn’t even list 10. Please do comment with your own favorite blog posts, mine or otherwise of 2008.

Favorite Posts I Read

My Top Posts (Using the Ayende Formula)

A while back, Ayende wrote up a weighted query for Subtext to determine the top posts. I updated it to only include mine published in

  1. Here are the top 5.

Milestones Moments

There are some posts that I personally liked because they represent important events that happened to me in 2008.

Ok, so maybe this post is pretty typical and doesn’t live up to the title I gave it. Oh well, I tried.

I’m sure I’m forgetting a whole lot of other important events that happened in 2008. I’m probably neglecting great blog posts that I read. But that’s the great thing about a blog, I’m confident people will point out my shortcomings in the comments to this post, and for that, I’m grateful. You all rock!

And with that, I leave you with this moment of zen, a photo taken near my house.