During my talk at the PDC, I heeded Hanselman’s call to action and decided to veer away from the Northwind “Permademo” and build something different.

In the middle of the talk, I unveiled that I was going to build a competitor to StackOverflow which I would call HaackOverflow. This was all news to Jeff as he hadn’t seen the demo until that point.

The demo walked through some basics of building a standards based ASP.NET MVC application, and sprinkled in a bit of AJAX. At the very end, I swapped out the site.css file and added an image and changed the site from the drab default blue template to something that looked similar in spirit to StackOverflow.


If you haven’t seen the talk yet, you can watch it on Channel9. Also, the links to my slides and the source code are also available on that page.

I only mention it now because Jeff recently Twittered a link to the Reddit Remix of the StackOverflow logo, which reminded of my own hack job on their logo.