Before giving a presentation, I review Scott Hanselman’s top 11 presentation tips. Well I have a twelfth tip that Scott needs to add to his list, and he’ll vouch for this.

rockband A couple of hours before Jeff and I gave the ASP.NET MVC presentation (the video is now posted!), we played some RockBand in the Big Room (exhibition area).

Playing Eye of the Tiger before a big talk has a great way of both pumping you up and loosening you up at the same time. When I ran into Scott and told him this tip, he said he did the very same thing, playing Eye of the Tiger on RockBand before his talk. In his case, I think he played for two hours.

In any case, I felt like my talk went well. Jeff was entertaining as always and provided that taste of real-world relevance to what we’re doing with ASP.NET MVC. I particularly liked it when he remoted into his live server and showed the audience how his 8 CPU server was doing via task manager.

In any case, if you watched my talk, be sure to submit evals (higher number means better. Whomever gave me all 1s, that’s just mean! ;). I look forward to hearing your feedback. I’d love to be able to show people that there’s a demand for this type of framework and development model (transparency, source releases, etc…) and maybe we can get more than one MVC talk next time. I think it’s time I do a really advanced one. :)