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My compadre Scott Hunter, another PM on the ASP.NET team, who happens to work on the Dynamic Data feature, recently put together an example of using ASP.NET MVC and Dynamic Data Web Forms together in the same application. Look for the link to on this Code Gallery page.

I’ve been working on a post detailing a couple different ways to integrate WebForms and MVC, but life has been really busy for me lately. Hopefully I’ll get that to you soon.

MysteryPersonIn the meanwhile, you can probably learn all you need to know by looking at this example.

By the way, Scott was recently featured on .NET Rocks. We need to get a better picture of him taken. That whole Smoking Man image has got to go.

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3 responses

  1. Avatar for Mike Hadlow
    Mike Hadlow June 10th, 2008

    Hi Phil,
    Dynamic Data is nice but it doesn't supply a nice replace-it-bit-by-bit path to custom controllers/views that would allow you to quickly knock up a prototype but then hand-code the bits you need. I'd really like to see Rails style scaffolding in the MVC Framework similar to the solution in Monorail.
    I've built a scaffolding controller based on my own Repository<t> implementation, it doesn't supply the views yet, but at least it's saving me from coding simple repetative controllers.

  2. Avatar for ecards
    ecards June 23rd, 2008

    I have been making my way through all the 3.5sp1 technologies (loving mvc) and realized that mvc does not have inherent scaffolding support!?
    Guys please, add this on this list of priorities to make scaffolding just as easy and powerful as with web forms.
    I was just starting not be be jealous of those Django guys.
    Oh the humanity! :)

  3. Avatar for Benjamin Stenson
    Benjamin Stenson January 9th, 2012

    There's nothing at the Code Gallery link. In searching for a way to add Dynamic Data to MVC, I keep getting referred back to this post. Everything I find is 3-5 years old. It'd be great to be able to add Dynamic Data functionality to an MVC 3 app to provide admin functionality for a large EF 4.1 code first data model.