I did another interview with those wild and crazy guys, Carl and Richard. My first time (show 261) being on .NET Rocks was back in August of 2007 when I talked about Subtext, Open Source, and my blog.

This time (show 339), the interview focused on my experiences with working at Microsoft and the work I do on the ASP.NET MVC project. Notice that my profile pic hasn’t changed at all. I should do something about that.

I haven’t listened to it yet as I hate hearing myself talk. Even worse is seeing myself on video.

In any case, if you are interested, take a listen to the latest .NET Rocks show.

Oh, and I was also a guest on Hanselminutes recently. That talk was recorded at ALT.NET Open Spaces in Seattle. It’s only a coincidence that these two interviews came out a week apart. They were recorded more than a week apart. Honestly, I’m not a microphone whore. I’m more of a camera whore. ;)