You've Been Haacked No Longer

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UPDATE: This was an April Fool’s joke. I actually stated this in the bottom of the original post, but in a very small font, which some people noticed. :)

I’m totally done with blogging. Hanging my blogging hat and never looking back. I started blogging on way back when around 1998. I tried to include a Wayback Machine archive link, but some domain squatters put a robots.txt file onto Bummer. Shoulda held onto that domain.

If you follow my twitter stream, you’ve probably noticed I’ve been lamenting about blogging lately. A lot of bloggers, myself included, put an unhealthy amount of pressure on themselves to continue producing content. It becomes a bit of a self imposed boilerroom.

When I read about Dare stopping his blog, unlike many people who felt sad, I felt envious. Think of all the free time he must’ve freed up. I can totally understand the reasons. He’s getting ready to have a kid. I recently had one (almost 10 months ago). All the time I spend on blogging, is time not spent with my wife and my kid. I do have hobbies other than software.

Not only that, but a lot of the fun in blogging is gone. I feel like discourse in the blogosphere has become so polarized lately, much like the political climate in this country. People seem content with “Drive By Commenting”, messing with someone’s day with a vitriolic comment without regard for conseqences. I’m happy that people vehemently disagree with each other and me, I wish we could keep the discourse civil and focused on finding common ground. Just because I disagree with you doesn’t mean I have to think your point is completely unreasonable or that you’re stupid.

I’ll still read blogs and be on Twitter. The discourse isn’t much higher on Twitter, but the time commitment is small enough to make it worth it. I predict blogging itself will be dead in a year anyway with everyone moving to Twitter or Twitter-like services.

Now that spring and summer is on its way to the Northwest, I think the timing for this move is good. I know this will disappoint many of my friends, but I have to do what’s right for me and my family. I hope you understand.


Yes, this is an April Fool’s Joke

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  1. Avatar for Tod McKenna
    Tod McKenna March 31st, 2008

    Thank God. Your blog is terrible.


  2. Avatar for Dan
    Dan March 31st, 2008

    April Fools!

  3. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked March 31st, 2008

    @Tod Best. Comment. Ever.

  4. Avatar for Brian Sullivan
    Brian Sullivan March 31st, 2008

    Happy April Fool's! Though, all joking aside, the paragraph about polarization is unfortunately fairly close to the truth.

  5. Avatar for zlich machine
    zlich machine March 31st, 2008

    ya ya
    Yes, this is an April Fool's Joke :)

  6. Avatar for Fredrik
    Fredrik March 31st, 2008

    haha Tod, brilliant comment ;)

  7. Avatar for Rex
    Rex March 31st, 2008

    Much respect for your bravery & honesty. I have to say I'm very disappointed in one respect - I've relied on your blog to learn & improve. Twitter just doesn't do code samples very well :( Best regards

  8. Avatar for Rex Morgan
    Rex Morgan March 31st, 2008

    Aaaaaand I'm retarded. Guess the blogosphere is so depressing lately I wasn't even surprised.

  9. Avatar for y0mbo
    y0mbo March 31st, 2008

    I actually took most of 2005 away from blogging, and although I've never been a consistent blogger it was quite refreshing. Glad yours is an AFD joke, though.

  10. Avatar for Zack
    Zack March 31st, 2008

    Haha... scared me for a second :)

  11. Avatar for Scott Bellware
    Scott Bellware March 31st, 2008

    Welcome to Freedom State. Population: small but growing.

  12. Avatar for Troy DeMonbreun
    Troy DeMonbreun March 31st, 2008

    [insert vitriolic comment here]

  13. Avatar for Mohammad Azam
    Mohammad Azam March 31st, 2008

    Dude!! you scared the hell out of me!! Better not close this blog man! You blog is awesome!

  14. Avatar for Diggers
    Diggers March 31st, 2008

    LOL .. Good giggle. Although a lot of what you say is very close to the truth. VERY!!!
    I must admit I only blog these days as a kind of journal cum scratchpad. I blog stuff I might want to refer to myself one day and hopefully ist of value to someone else.
    Cheers and Happy April 1 :)

  15. Avatar for SuperJason
    SuperJason March 31st, 2008

    LOL @Tod
    I wish I could rate that comment up.

  16. Avatar for Darren Kopp
    Darren Kopp March 31st, 2008

    you are going to be sad when in a few years the earth is like it is on the matrix and twitter will be the architect and the rebels will be jacking into the matrix and looking for the oracle who on 4/1/2008 predicted then end of human blogging and the beginning of the twitter machine rising.
    then we will realize that we should have prepared and not brushed this off as an april fools joke.

  17. Avatar for Rob Conery
    Rob Conery April 1st, 2008

    I've registered (and so I'll carry on for you homey. I don't know how I can possibly offer any semblance of the quality here - maybe if I write about my nutsack ...
    Hey can I have your subscribers?

  18. Avatar for Catto
    Catto April 1st, 2008

    Hey Now Haacked,
    I'm waiting for you to say april fools. Keep posting so we can keep reading.

  19. Avatar for Wessam Zeidan
    Wessam Zeidan April 1st, 2008

    Damn it man, you scared the shit out of me. I thought "First Dare and now Phil, it must be the end of the blogging era"....
    Keep up the good work, your blog is great.

  20. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked April 1st, 2008

    @Catto I did say "April Fools" in the original post at the end. It's a very small font. ;)

  21. Avatar for Steve Trefethen
    Steve Trefethen April 1st, 2008

    Good one Phil!

  22. Avatar for Josh Stodola
    Josh Stodola April 1st, 2008

    Thank God you are full of shit! Still wondering when you will make that post about allowing XHTML in forms, while preventing XSS.

  23. Avatar for Michael Washington
    Michael Washington April 1st, 2008

    Ha you almost had me. Ok you did have me until I read the comments and realized it was April 1st.

  24. Avatar for Niels Hansen
    Niels Hansen April 1st, 2008

    LOL. I thought it was true too because you've been so busy with work, your son and your blog entries have moved to about once a week. Welcome to the club of having a life outside of the blogosphere!

  25. Avatar for Gokhan Demir
    Gokhan Demir April 1st, 2008

    Best joke i had on April Fool's. LOL. Please never stop writing Phil.

  26. Avatar for Dragan Panjkov
    Dragan Panjkov April 1st, 2008

    although today is April 2., you'we tricked m totally... From my feedreader that small text at the bottom is so tiny ...

  27. Avatar for Lee
    Lee April 1st, 2008

    Thank goodness it's a joke. Nothing against you wanting to spend time with your family, but if I had to figure out all this new stuff on my own, I might be in a bit of trouble. Keep up the blogging and I'll keep reading. And if anyone gives you any "vitriolic comments", feel free to send me their address. (in my best Tony Soprano immitation)"I'm not saying I'm gonna do anything to them, I'm just saying that accidents happen."

  28. Avatar for VIjay Santhanam
    VIjay Santhanam April 2nd, 2008

    I thought you were going to confess you left some kind of logic bomb in system.web.abstractions.dll, quit MS and joined the RoR crew :P

  29. Avatar for Puja
    Puja April 2nd, 2008

    You are a very smart developer and I have learned a lot from your blog. That said, I think this "April Fool Joke" was taking it a little too far.
    You seem to be gloating in your own ego, somehow concluding that people "care" if you stop blogging. In reality, they don't. Since Google's CEO do this stupid "April Fool Joke", somehow you have equated yourself to them, when you are nowhere near where they are in terms of success or wealth.
    Sorry !

  30. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked April 2nd, 2008

    Wow Puja, that was the most ridiculous thing I've ever read. April Fool's is an old tradition and you don't have to be Google to pull an April Fool's prank.

  31. Avatar for Steve Willcock
    Steve Willcock April 2nd, 2008

    I really should read the small print - you had me worried for a minute there... Keep up the good work :)

  32. Avatar for Carl
    Carl April 2nd, 2008

    Lol. Tod missed the opportunity to increase the funniness of his comment by adding another comment along the lines of:
    Oh wow, I guess I missed the small print....

  33. Avatar for Sameer
    Sameer April 3rd, 2008

    I understand it's "just a joke", but to be honest... I find myself second guessing everything I am reading now especially on that day.. I really thought you were quitting blogging.... And I am now asking myself, "Is this an april fools day joke?"... I realize people are going to think I don't have a sense of humour or what not, but really I don't think doing this is such a good thing, but anyway, thats my personal opinion. I think that this would lead to confusion as more and more people are following google's trend....

  34. Avatar for Sameer
    Sameer April 3rd, 2008

    Here's an example of what I am saying... Is this a joke, or is this real? Was it posted on April Fool's day? http://shipsoftwareontime.c...
    Of course its not a joke, but you see what I am saying? Once you start to second guess everything, you end up with quite some craziness going on...

  35. Avatar for Shani Raba
    Shani Raba April 3rd, 2008

    I found myself reading this sentence again and again:
    "I predict blogging itself will be dead in a year anyway with everyone moving to Twitter or Twitter-like services."
    An I've thought about the time I am loosing while blogging, and maybe this is true...
    You are a genius, my man.

  36. Avatar for Rob Mills
    Rob Mills April 8th, 2008

    Good one!

  37. Avatar for Puja
    Puja April 8th, 2008

    @Phil, You are right, one does not have to be google to pull the prank. But it is obvious that you copied them, given that you have not had these pranks in the previous years.
    I bet you saw the "Virgle" spoof, felt it was clever, and tried to be "cleverer". Right ?

  38. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked April 8th, 2008

    @Puja For your reference
    * Apr 1, 2004
    * Apr 1, 2005 (I did two that year)
    * Apr 1, 2006
    * I didn't do anything in 2007 because I didn't have any ideas and was too busy.
    * Apr 1, 2008
    So who is copying who? Maybe Google is copying me! :P