The ASP.NET and Silverlight team are hiring! Brad Abrams (who happens to be my “grand-boss” as in my boss’s boss) posted a developers wanted ad on his blog:

  • Are you JavaScript guru who has a passion to make Ajax easier for the masses?
  • Are you the resident expert in ASP.NET and consistently think about how data driven applications could be easier to build?
  • Are you a TDD or patterns wonk that sees how ASP.NET MVC is a game-changer?
  • Are you excited about the potential of Silverlight for business applications, and particularly the potential for the ASP.NET+Silverlight combination where we have the great .NET programming model on the server and client?

Some of you out there have provided great insight into how ASP.NET MVC could be better (and then some of you just point out its warts).  Either way, here’s a chance to have an even bigger influence on its design and code. I promise I’m easy to work with.

These are senior developer positions…

My team has several openings for senior, experienced developers with a passion for platform\framework technology. If you have 5+ years of software development industry experience, know how to work effectively in teams, have a great software design abilities and are an excellent developer than we just might have the spot for you!

Oh, and if you do get hired and join my feature team, I like my coffee with milk and sugar. Thank you very much. ;)