No, the title of this post isn’t suggesting that L.A. is about to be demolished to make way for a hyperspatial express route. It’s pretty much already one big freeway already, isn’t it? ;)

Seriously though, I am going to miss this wonderful city after spending the last fourteen years here. A lot of people look at L.A. as a place they could never live. I thought that myself coming from Alaska, but boy was I wrong.152767725_7ca21f59c9[1]

I think the weather alone is enough to move to L.A. Perhaps the only place with better weather might be San Diego. But along with great weather during the day, L.A. has a great nightlife.

Being an outdoorsy type, I’ve always been fortunate that a good camping trip is just a short drive away.


Not to mention great skiing and snowboarding.


I even took part in my first protest march in Los Angeles, something that pretty much never happened in Alaska.


One of the things I’ll miss the most is the great soccer game I’ve been a part of for 10 years there. This particular regular pick-up game has been going on for around 15 to 20 years in one form or another.


Today the movers came and moved all of our stuff out and we left the keys behind in our now empty house. Tomorrow morning, we will be on a plane for Seattle.

The one thing that has made this move a lot easier for us has been that Microsoft took care of just about everything. Let me tell you, if you’re thinking about joining Microsoft, we might not have free food like some other companies, but we do have a great healthcare plan and the relocation benefits (at least for me) are astounding. They have made this transition a lot less a nightmare than it could’ve been. Though it has still been tough with all three of us catching colds around the same time.

Stay classy L.A., I will miss you. Seattle, watch your back. We’ll be there tomorrow.