Interview with me on the ASP.NET Podcast Show

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Yesterday, Wally McClure interviewed me for the ASP.NET Podcast Show. We chatted for around half an hour on my background, Microsoft, and ASP.NET MVC.

It was a fun chat, but I have to warn you, I was very sleep deprived (a constant condition lately), so at points I tend to ramble a bit, second-guess myself (I was right the first time, model-view-thing-editor!), and even contradict myself.

I’m not normally that harebrained. I promise. Ok, maybe just a little. With all those caveats in place, give it a listen.

This is why writing a blog is so much easier than being interviewed. All the times I correct myself are not visible in a blog entry.

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    Raidious October 7th, 2010

    I really like the way you write your blog, the humour you infuse into it and make sure that it makes an interesting read even though it is something as mundane as an interview of you. Even when it might be something not so significant what you write about a blog being better than an interview any day is very true. The changes addition and corrections you can make on your blog is amazing and an interview stays forever!