I have a set of little demos apps I’ve been working on that I want to release to the public. I need to clean them up a bit (you’d be surprised how much I swear in comments) and make sure they work with the CTP. Hopefully I will publish them on my blog over the next few weeks.

In the meanwhile, there’s some great stuff being posted by the community I want to call out. All these great posts are making my life easier.

  • Routing Revisited
    • Sean Lynch talks about some interesting route scenarios. Currently the Route object doesn’t support all the scenarios he is attempting. This is good feedback and we’re already looking into it. He mentioned wanting Subtext-style URLs. You better believe I’m going to bring this up. ;) He also brings up a good point clarifying which Page templates in the Add New Item dialog to select when working with master pages. I’m sorry that dialog is crazy busy.
  • Using script.aculo.us with ASP.NET MVC
    • Chad Myers does some fancy schmancy AJAX stuff with ASP.NET MVC and the ever so flashy Script.aculo.us framework. What! No JQuery?! ;) Hasn’t anyone told Chad that Ajax is just a fad? All the interactivity you’ll ever need is in the <blink /> tag.
  • ASP.NET MVC Framework - Create your own IRouteHandler
    • Fredik Normén didn’t like the fact that IControllerFactory.GetController takes in the type of the controller (something we’re definitely looking at) because it made it more difficult to use Spring.NET. So he went an implemented his own IControllerFactory and his own IRouteHandler. This is a great demonstration of how to swap out a couple of nodes in the “snake diagram” with your own implementation. While it’s a validation of our extensibility story that he was able to accomplish this scenario, the fact that he needed to do all this also highlights areas for improvements.
  • MvcContrib Open Source Project Call for Participation
    • Jeffrey Palermo writes about a brand spanking new OSS project to build useful tools and libraries for MVC. Gotta give them credit for starting an OSS project on a CTP technology the day before it launched.

It is really great to see people building demos and applications on top of ASP.NET MVC. Learing about the rough areas that you run into doing real-world tasks is immensely valuable feedback.


We have an official ASP.NET MVC forum now for discussing…surprise surprise…ASP.NET MVC. If you have questions about ASP.NET MVC, I encourage you ask them there for the benefit of others. Feel free to comment on my blog if you don’t get a satisfactory answer in a reasonable amount of time.

Even better, jump in and help answer questions!