UPDATE: ASP.NET MVC now works with Visual Web Developer Express SP1

Some developers who downloaded the ASP.NET Extensions CTP specifically for ASP.NET MVC and then opened up Visual Web Developer like it was Christmas morning instead got a lump of coal.

We currently only include Web Application Projects for ASP.NET MVC, which Visual Web Developer does not support. I was planning to write up a post on this, but Scott Koon beat me to it.

And thank goodness! I’m busy enough as it is already. It’s all part of my master plan to have members of the community doing my job for me so we can finally take that trip to Tahiti and sip margaritas while I tell my bosses I’m “telecommuting”. ;) Seriously though, I appreciate it.

If you’re using Visual Web Developer Express, read Scott’s blog post on how to get MVC working for you.

I personally would like to get ASP.NET MVC in more hands than less hands, so I hope we have a better story for this with a future release.