Recently I gave out a few free copies of a book I co-wrote, but ran out quickly. This is the same book that Jeff Atwood (a co-author) told everyone, Do Not Buy This Book.

Well, if you didn’t get a copy, there is another opportunity to get a free copy. DotNetSlackers is running a contest and will reward the top 3 contributors to their forums (ooh, that could get…interesting. First Post!orI Agree!Count it up.) with great prizes.

Anthology Unfortunately, our book is part of a second prize package which includes ANTS Profiler Pro. Our book is also the third-prize.

Why is that unfortunate?

XBox 360
Elite Because if you want a free copy of our book, you have to try real hard not to do too well that you win first prize, which is an XBox 360 Elite along with Telerik RadControls. Once you got your hands on Halo 3 or Gears of War, you’d have no time to read our book! And you wouldn’t want that, would you?

In any case, for more contest details, check out the contest page.