41XDcuGaQrL._AA240_ Remember the book I mentioned that I was writing along with a few colleagues? Well it is finally available for pre-order on Amazon.com!

If you love me, you’ll buy five copies each. No. Ten copies!

Or, you could wait for the reviews and buy the book on its own merits, which I hope it warrants. But what’s the fun in that?

All kidding aside, this was a fun and tiring collaborative effort with Jeff “Coding Horror” Atwood, Jon Galloway, K. Scott Allen, and Wyatt Barnett. The book aggregates our collective wisdom on the topic of building web applications with ASP.NET 2.0 as a series of tips, tricks, and hacks.

The target audience for the book is the intermediate developer looking to raise his or her skills to the next level, so some of the material quickly rehashes the basics to set the stage for more interesting tips and tricks. The goal of the book is to be a survival guide for ASP.NET developers. We’ve been bitten and had the poison sucked out of our veins so you can avoid the vipers in the wild.